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Developing Cloud-Agnostic SaaS Solutions

Ali Gowani

As organizations shift from a “cloud first” strategy to a “multi-cloud” strategy, there is a growing need for Software as a Solution (SaaS) products to be more versatile, capable of supporting a cloud-agnostic model.

Why?  Because solutions need to adjust and scale for different regulatory environments, geographical footprints, and cloud technology providers. In addition, most brands likely want to avoid spending with competitors; think of Walmart paying for AWS by Amazon, where both Walmart and Amazon sell household products and groceries. In that case, Walmart might prefer to leverageMicrosoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud or Oracle Cloud. We are talking about tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars spent on cloud storage, so these are all critically important considerations.

Big brands are realizing the value in sourcing multiple public cloud providers as part of the overall strategy for meeting their specific needs and requirements.  Such an approach allows them to minimize down-time, offload data to lower cost usage as needed, nimbly scale when needed, and avoid being locked in to a single, static vendor.

With so many public cloud alternatives, including those that have hybrid cloud abilities, it is certainly difficult to choose what is the best solution for every endeavor. It is crucial however, that companies are choosing solutions that align with the objectives and requirements for the enterprise – both those that are known now, and those that they may come to be.

Benefits of cloud-agnostics SaaS:

  • Independent from public cloud vendors
  • Interoperable across different environments and applications
  • Seamless experience and redundancy in place to handle cloud-centric challenges
  • Navigate complex government and privacy regulations without disruptions

The new release of AmplifAI (version 4), allows the company to deploy instances of its solution to any cloud environment that meet the clients’ requirements. The AmplifAI solution was rebuilt to allow for interoperability within the public cloud environment, as well as, for containerized transferability between different clouds. AmplifAI is a cloud-agnostic solution, and by having a cloud-agnostic solution, your Operating Systems (OS), databases, applications, machine learning tools, etc. are no longer a constraint or impediment in leveraging AmplifAI in any public cloud environment. This means AmplifAI can be leveraged across different public cloud platforms, independent of your cloud vendor strategy.

"A SaaS product such as AmplifAI that improves contact agent performance and is agnostic to cloud environments, positions our clients for greater success in intelligent contact centers – both now and in their current future states." Sean Minter, Founder and CEO

Several key features were considered while building the AmplifAI cloud-agnostic solution, including network connectivity, security, compliance, interoperability, and data protection. As a result, the AmplifAI intelligent contact center solution operates in the same manner regardless of the cloud environment and integrates with over 50 solution providers, as well as, multiple, public cloud providers. This ensures the user experience is consistent, even though the data sources and cloud environments may shift based on client’s enterprise objective and requirements.

We encourage clients to have along-term view of public cloud storage and establish a strategy that is flexible. Many SaaS products are becoming cloud agnostic and therefore, gaining their independence from single, static, public cloud vendors.

Improved Performance & Customer Experience
Month over month gains in Issue Resolution,
FCR and NPS;
Month over month reductions in Handle times,
ACW and Hold
Winning additional client headcount
30% improvement in sales conversion
Retaining talented people
8-point reduction in turnover
Improving financial performance
10% increase in utilization


The future of success in your contact center is contingent on how you impact performance in ways that are both immediate and sustainable. And it doesn’t matter whether your agents are on-site, at-home, full-time, part-time, or temporary – you must deliver on performance.

Coaching is one of the most significant tools we can use to deliver on the engagement and performance of our people – but we must develop our processes, our people and leadership skills, and our technology tools, in order to overthrow the pervasive challenges to achieving greater coaching effectiveness and supercharging contact center performance!

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