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AmplifAI Self-Learning

Amplify Learning, Amplify Performance

Reinvent performance with a machine learning engine that perpetually delivers personalized recommendations for learning content based on your organization's best practices and on your employees’ individual performance against goals.
Automatically identifies and proactively distributes Best Practices and Micro-Learnings directly to employees based on their individual performance challenges.
Continuously evaluates and assigns a visual effectivity rating for learning assets based on both frequency of use, and whether or not employees improved after use.
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Organic Best Practices

Identifies and shares best practices throughout your organization

Performance-Based Ratings

Rates knowledge resources based on performance progress after use

Continuous Frontline Development

Reinforces frontline managers' coaching and development

Smart Content Distribution

Proactively distributes micro­-learnings to struggling performers

Learning First Culture

Promotes a culture of continuous learning and self-development

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