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AmplifAI Professional Services

Using a methodical and data-driven process to understand your needs, our team maps a custom set of services to achieve sustainable objectives. We then transfer knowledge to equip your staff with the appropriate skills and knowledge to deliver a consistently strong return on investment. The following elements are key points in the difference that make your AmplifAI experience unique and special.
We have created our training programs to teach your frontline leaders actionable skills
to root cause performance issues on their teams. Once they understand root cause, they learn how to deliver the message. At the conclusion, we teach participants how to maintain performance improvements across their team.
Manager & Director
To deliver breakthrough performance improvements in a contact center, we start by
providing participants with actionable skills to root cause performance issues and knowledge to determine the right tool. We then teach them how to tell a story with data and end with how to maintain performance improvements throughout the contact center.
Mentoring Workshops
Successful managers of contact centers understand the need to learn and grow. Having the right mentor/trainer in place who has overcome any obstacle they will encounter is key to attaining the highest level of performance in contact centers. These
workshops are customized to the individual and the company operating environment for maximum impact.
Call upon our years of contact center and training experience to facilitate training
which delivers immediate application from your time in the classroom to the day to day contact center activities.
Best Practices
High-performing contact centers know where their processes stack up compared to not only their competition but also across leading brands. Our library of best practices allows us to assess your processes to identify where areas of opportunity are as well as what processes are best in class.
Performance Improvement
When we need to help contact centers improve performance, we combine our proprietary data and process analysis with a 5-step improvement methodology and best practices to quickly boost performance.
Staff Augmentation
From Process Improvement Experts to Workforce Management Directors, we can provide the right staff to temporarily or permanently fill any contact center role. These
individuals not only have the expertise and knowledge to fill the role, they also have access to our team of consultants and our library of best practices.
Performance Monitoring
When companies struggle to obtain the results they desire, sometimes they outsource
their entire function to a 3rd party. We can provide this service for any contact center function such as Quality Monitoring or Workforce Management to quickly attain the desired results.
Coaching Tool Kit Content
We can create customized content for your Coaching Tool Kits to ensure your supervisors and managers have the right tools that are easily accessible. We will ensure the content is customized to your operating environment and pair it with in and out of industry best practices to swiftly boost performance in your
contact center.
Vendor Management
Coaching Scorecards
Use our industry expertise to create coaching scorecards that will drive the desired performance in your contact centers. Our coaching scorecards carefully consider
your operating environment, your vendor’s operating environment, in and out of industry best practices, and your desired results.