AI-Driven Performance Enablement

Maximize Agent, Team and Leader Performance

Everyday AI

Harness the power of Everyday AI  to replicate the success of your best. Leverage AI-driven actions, Daily Gameplans and High Performer Personas.

Coaching & Effectiveness

Elevate employee development with personalized coaching and follow ups. Empower managers to become effective coaches and mentors.

Performance Intelligence

Unleash the power of unified data to drive performance excellence. Enable every role to access personalized, data-driven intelligence.

Enterprise Data Ingestion

Eliminate wasted time analyzing reports. AmplifAI deeply integrates with enterprise contact center data to deliver actions directly to associates and leaders.

Gamification & Recognition

Create a culture of motivation and productivity through gamified experiences. Boost employee engagement and recognition with AI-driven action.

Quality & Compliance

Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations at all times. Deliver exceptional customer experiences through consistent quality compliance.
AmplifAI customer stories

Associates are seeing direct impact on metrics like AHT, CSAT, and Revenue and it’s driving results!

Operations Supervisor
The Home Depot

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