Financial Services

Financial Services

We understand time has a cost and everyone is driving to the bottom line – that’s why we’re all about using technology to provide contemporary learning & development content and deliverability that result in engaged, informed, and empowered employees, and improved experience equity for your customers!
For businesses providing banking, loans, credit, insurances, merchant services, collections, and other wealth management solutions.
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Retail Services

We know retail customers expect fast and exceptional service - That's why Amplifai delivers data-driven insights for targeted coaching and skills development. Equip your team to handle any interaction, boost CSAT, improve key metrics, and drive sales growth.
For retail businesses driving exceptional customer service, sales conversions, and support interactions.
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Retail Services

Travel & Tourism

We know traveler's crave efficiency and personalization – that's why AmplifAI empowers your teams with intelligent insights and proactive solutions. Deliver seamless experiences, build loyalty, and make every trip unforgettable.
For travel businesses dedicated to exceptional journeys, from booking to destination and beyond.
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Communications & Media

We know that sales, product support, and customer retention are key to your success – that’s why AmplifAI uses your data, plus machine learning, to drive self-learning, performance, and community throughout your teams – delivering visibility and access to exactly what they need to succeed.
For businesses providing commercial and consumer connectivity for internet, TV, phone, and other digital media and gaming.
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Communications & Media


We know how important it is to deliver innovative, easy to use devices and solutions, that meet users’ experience expectations, while also being flexible and dependable – that’s why we have an individually tailored implementation process, an all-in-one feature-suite to simplify and unify employee learning and performance, and a long-term roadmap to ensure our AI platform keeps growing with you.
For companies providing consumer and business technology products, software and support.
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BPOs and Outsourcers

We understand productivity, utilization and retention are key determinants of success – that’s why we built an AI platform that identifies frontline employees’ performance trends, and proactively drives learning, coaching, recognition, incentives, analytics and best practices capture and curation – an all-in-one solution that empowers you to improve performance and retain knowledge, employees, and customers!
For BPOs and Outsourcers providing sales, service and support to a variety of industries!
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Contact Centers & BPOs
Health Care

Health Care

We understand how crucial it is to service customers quickly and accurately, but with empathy and compassion – that’s why AmplifAI’s soft-skill micro-learnings, predictive coaching tasks, and social recognition feeds are essential components of our all-in-one employee empowerment and development platform!
For businesses providing health insurance, health & wellness services, or servicing healthcare providers, plans or claims
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We know guest satisfaction hinges on those special touches – that's why AmplifAI empowers your teams to anticipate needs and create meaningful connections. Elevate service, nurture guest relationships, and build a reputation that shines.
For businesses crafting unforgettable hospitality experiences, from the lobby to the lasting impression.
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