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AmplifAI Micro-Learnings

Micro-Learnings are small pieces of instructional content about 3 minutes in length and precisely focused on a single-skill.  They are fun, engaging and interactive multi-media videos that front-line employees can quickly consume and immediately apply.

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As operations environments have evolved to absorb omni-channel operations, universal agents and greater consumer demands for faster, better customer experiences, employee learning needs have expanded as well - employees need access to informal learning content, engaging instructional methods, and instant delivery options that support their learning and development as part of the natural workflow.

Sample Micro-Learning: Customer Experience Series, Connecting With Customers Skillset

What's Available?

Each Series contains several related Skill Sets, and each Skill Set contains 3-6 individual micro-learning videos.
Customer Experience Series
Soft-Skill Communication Series
Consultative Selling Series
Upsells/Win-Back Series
Product Support Series
Behavioral Coaching Series
Custom Micro-Learnings

How are Micro-Learnings Used?

Micro-Learnings can function as stand-alone learning content - but when combined with AmplifAI’s machine learning intelligence, micro-learnings are automatically distributed to employees who need them, on the topics relative to their unique performance!  

AmplifAI validates completion, and curates users' learning history to their performance dashboard.  Frontline leaders also have access to this same content so they can leverage it to reinforce employees’ self-learning.

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Where Does the Content Come From?

We create micro-learnings from scratch, or splice existing content from call libraries, role-plays, scripts, training documents, LMS content, etc.  We define individual skills and behaviors, design instruction, produce multi-media components, then sequence 3-6 related behaviors into a themed series to produce a progressive journey that empowers self-directed skill-building.

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