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Modernize your on-going learning and training processes with intelligent, video learning that keeps your frontline engaged while staying in their daily flow.

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Upskill call center employees with data-driven training.

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Step 1 • LEarning Content

Contact Center Best Practices

Specific, concise learning resources are critical to growth of frontline associates. We've compiled a collection of sales, collections, soft skills and performance coaching micro- and nano-learnings that are available for you to watch anytime. We constantly update our library, so make sure to sign up, gain access and bookmark the library!

Why do we give free access?

Valuable learning resources are only the first part of an effective learning and training program. The proper distribution and performance impact measurement of those learning resources is the second - and this is where AmplifAI's magic does the heavy lifting. Continue reading below to discover more about our data-driven learning intelligence!

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Contact Center Learning, Training and Best Practices

Step 2 • Data-Driven Learning Intelligence

Learn Fast, Learn Often

Leverage personalized micro-learnings (4 to 5 minute videos) and nano-learnings (30 to 90 second videos) to end-users based on personalized needs.

Automate Opportunities

Take the guess work out of learning. AmplifAI identifies the optimal targets for agent learning based on their current metric performance.

Reduce Distractions

Drive continuous learning without taking frontline agents away from their desk. For example, agents receive notifications to learn when call volume is low.

Elevate At Home Learning

AI-generated learning recommendations keep both remote and onsite  employees engaged and focused on improvement

Measure Success

AI measures the effectiveness of every viewed micro- or nano-learning, and analyzes the video's impact on individual metric performance.

Share Success

AmplifAI shares your most effective micro-learnings across geographies - replicating high performing skills beyond their point of origin.

Plug In Your LMS

If you have your own learning resources and infrastructure, AmplifAI integrates with the leading LMS platforms.

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The Sykes Learning Experience

Increased Coaching, Employee Speed To Proficiency and Employee Engagement

SYKES implemented the AmplifAI solution in North America and offshore locations, with significant success. Coaching sessions have increased by over 50%, and employee speed to proficiency has increased in parallel. Moreover, employee engagement has risen in tandem, pointing to the importance of empowerment through self-driven performance measures.

Read more about Sykes Use of Data Driven Learning in Empowering Skill-Building & Performance With A DIY-Learning Culture

Sykes, AmplifAI Customer

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