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Maximize Margins with High Performing Frontline Teams

Modern business process outsourcers must generate the highest level of performance from their frontline teams in order to run a profit center, instead of a cost center. BPOs use AmplifAI's Adaptive Persona's to replicate top performer actions, behaviors and results across the operation. Supercharged teams improve agent billing utilization, associates hit their bonuses, performance penalties are avoided, and billing efficiencies skyrocket.

Grow Incremental Revenue and Volume from Existing Clients

A brand's biggest outsourcing fear is poor performing agents will damage the quality of their customer experience. BPOs utilize AmplifAI so their clients experience the advantage generated by the platforms recommendation engine. Targeted, personalized performance recommendations move low performers up a scorecard,  data-driven coaching and development power faster speed to proficiency amongst new hires and keep tenured associates on a path of improvement, and winning practices are replicated across geographies.

Improve Retention and Save Valuable Resources

The events that trigger attrition usually involve poor onboarding, performance and/or management. BPOs rely on AmplifAI to successfully move associates through the onboarding/nesting process and consistently develop their skillsets as they mature with the operation. AmplifAI’s data-driven training, coaching and learning actions equip trainers and team leaders with the effective support needed to keep team members engaged - reducing the disruption and expenses of new hires. The platform's intelligent coaching actions increase the operation’s ability to develop team leaders into high performing coaches, creating better leader-agent relationships and long-term team success. 

Empower High Performing Work At Home Teams

The landscape of the brick and mortar BPOs has changed for the foreseeable future. BPO leaders rely on AmplifAI to give them back the control they lost when their workforce moved home. AmplifAI delivers real-time performance oversight, cloud coaching/training, empowered self-learning and communication that enables teams to maintain high levels of engagement and performance no matter where they’re located. AmplifAI’s self-learning suite empowers associates to take control over their development – keeping them motivated with gamified coaching and learning actions. Team leaders elevate engagement with virtual coachings and huddles that can be recorded and shared - creating winning coaching that scales.

Minimize Fraud and Compliance Risk

Contracts with BPO’s contain clear guidelines that speak to the consequences of violating fraud or compliance standards.  BPO’s utilize AmplifAI to lower their exposure to the strong financial penalties that can be devastating to the BPO’s bottom line. When poor compliance or fraudulent activity occurs, AmplifAI triggers actions for team leaders to address the infraction and equips everyone involved with the best practices and documents necessary for proper compliance - a key benefit for onsite and at WAH operations

Share best practices with micro-learnings.

Save HR Resources with Easy Internal Actions

HR teams are spread thin within BPO’s balancing their time between managing turnover, handling employee compliance issues, recruiting talent, and overseeing organizational culture and development.  BPOs use AmplifAI as a supplemental team member to the HR department by automating the mission critical actions (shift bids, compensation adjustments, monthly/quarterly/annual review) that are meaningful in reducing employee turnover, increasing overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Connect HR to organized employee performance information in the Task Manager.

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