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AmplifAI was founded with the goal of leveraging data to create a personalized environment that helps every employee succeed.  Today, we're working with innovative leaders and global enterprises to enable performance, improve people, and make work more fun.


Sean Minter

CEO and Founder
AmplifAI’s roots began when Sean was running large contact centers and BPOs. He was faced with the question of wondering why some sites would perform better than others.

His answer – coaching and performance management. While digging into the data, Sean realized the pain of trying to not only pull the data out of multiple systems, but also being able to analyze the data and provide personalized, next best actions for each agent.  

And thus, the solution became clear, leveraging AI to enable people, improve performance, and make work more fun.​

Sean Minter

CEO and Founder

Sreedhar Mylavarapu

Head of Engineering

Rey Ortega

Head of Customer Success

Daniel Jones

Head of Finance and HR

Sharad Elhence

Head of Process Excellence and Strategy

Moky Cheung

Head of Operations

Raghu Puskoor

Head of APAC Operations

Julie Hsu

Head of Marketing

Mike Chevraux

Head of Enterprise Sales

Michael Replogle

Head of Strategic Sales

David Arellano

Head of Product

Board Members

Jerry McElhatton

Board Member

Jim Moffatt

Board Member

Venu Shamapant

Board Member

Will Szczerbiak

Board Member


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