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Additional revenue across 10,000 agents
Productivity costs savings across 300 Agents
Improvement in Sales Conversion
Improvement in CSAT scores

Why AmplifAI?

Our AI helps everyone do more with less. Agents, team leaders,
managers, directors, trainers, quality...your entire contact center.
Why Choose AmplifAI?

Organize Complex Data Sources

Consolidate and visualize your complex contact center data with ease

Optimize Actions with AI

Deploy the best AI-driven coaching, recognition, evaluation and gamification

Systematically Improve Performance

Measure, grow and scale leader & organizational effectiveness

Excel with our Experts

Repeat winning actions and learn from your dedicated AmplifAI performance guides
invest in your people and technology in 2024
Your people and technology are the two most crucial investments you can make in 2024 - it’s time to get the most out of both.

The Platform

See it. Action it. AmplifAI it.
with amplifai connect all of your contact center data in one place
performance intelligence icon

Performance Intelligence

Role-Based Transparency
Solve the problem of manual data collection and analysis. See every metric from every system in one place.
Maximize Leader Productivity
Ensure Frontline Accountability
Unify Contact Center Data
Unified Contact Center Data
Role-Based Intelligence
High Performer Personas
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AI-Driven, Next Best Coaching Actions
Effective coaching has never been faster. Our AI plans, prepares & summarizes every coaching session - helping leaders coach effectively and efficiently.
Automate Time-Consuming Performance Analysis
Measure and Elevate Supervisor Effectiveness
Amplify Agent Results
Next Best Coaching Action
Measure Coaching Effectiveness
AI Summaries and Notes
Gamification and Recognition Icon


Gen AI Recognition and Gamification
Celebrate good performance and reap the rewards. Our AI uncovers every praiseworthy moment - all you have to do is recognize.
Cultivate Positive Reinforcement
Recognize Every Praiseworthy Moment
Reduce Agent Attrition
Gen AI Recognition
Games and Leaderboards
Incentive Calculators
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Auto QA, Evaluations and Actions
Save quality teams from drowning in data. Our AI analyzes and scores every call - and uses insights to trigger coaching actions across organizations.
Automate Manual and Repetitive QA Tasks
Scale Action-Ready QA Insights
Accelerate CSAT and CX Improvements
QA Automation
QA-Driven Coaching
Evaluations and Calibrations

AmplifAI powers CX for teams across industries.

From Retail to Financial Services to Healthcare, AmplifAI scales improvement across organizations - helping companies maximize the return on their existing technology and teams.
AmplifAI verticals


Supply chain issues are out of your control. Your CX doesn't have to be. Power retail teams towards better service, sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

Financial Services

Complicated financial products require highly skilled service and sales teams. Power financial teams towards better service, compliance and resolution rates.

BPOs and Outsourcers

The best brands require the best performance from their outsourcers. Power programs and teams towards goal attainment, service standards and revenue growth.


The guest experience starts before they arrive. Power hospitality teams towards personalized touchpoints, effortless booking, and anticipatory service that exceeds expectations.

Media and Communications

There's never been more available options for any customer base. Power communications & media teams towards seamless customer experiences, greater technical fluency, and higher customer satisfaction.

Health Care

The intersection between health care and customer care has historically been overlooked. Power healthcare teams towards better support, greater efficiency, and proactive care delivery.


Innovation is at the heart of the tech industry. Power technology teams towards superior product knowledge, exceptional problem-solving, and increased customer adoption.

Travel & Tourism

Travel plans change, but exceptional service never should. Power travel teams towards adaptable solutions, proactive communication, and turning trip disruptions into customer loyalty opportunities.