The 7 Best Call Center Gamification Software Tools (2024)

Dylan Max
Dylan Max
VP of Marketing | AmplifAI
The 7 Best Call Center Gamification Software Tools (2024)

If you're on the hunt for the best call center gamification software but struggling to make a choice, you've landed in the right spot.

Choosing the top gamification software isn't a walk in the park— you're looking for a solution that brings tangible, significant improvements to your call center's performance, not just superficial engagement.

At AmplifAI, more than 80% of our team boasts over two decades of experience in every corner of contact center operations. This experience, spanning from CEOs to frontline agents, has equipped us with deep, firsthand insights into the entire spectrum of contact center software, allowing us to discern genuinely effective solutions from those that merely scratch the surface.

You might be exploring this guide with the idea of adding a standalone gamification feature to your tech stack. It's important to recognize that gamification alone doesn't magically resolve the intricate challenges of agent engagement, key call center productivity metrics (KPI's), or agent turnover rates.

Merely slotting in gamification elements without a thoughtful strategy can end up missing the mark, failing to meet your core objectives.

This review of the call center gamification software currently available on the market is rooted in the understanding that truly impactful gamification strategies are intricately woven into your call center's core objectives and significantly enhance agent performance and engagement in substantive, meaningful ways.

The platforms we're examining transcend mere gamification; though it's a strategy each employs, these platforms utilize it in a myriad of ways to achieve a broader spectrum of operational enhancements.

Here's a preview of the call center gamification software solutions we're about to dive into:

Call Center Gamification Software Quick Summary
1.AmplifAI Transforms gamification into a strategic tool by leveraging AI for personalized coaching and actionable insights, enhancing agent performance across all key metrics.
2.LevelEleven Specializes in sales and service productivity by utilizing gamification to motivate agents and improve key performance metrics through contests and recognition. Offers extensive customization and flexibility with a strong API-driven approach, ideal for tech-savvy call centers looking to tailor their gamification experience.
4.Ambition Boosts sales performance through gamified elements, actionable analytics, and a framework that promotes a culture of accountability and high achievement.
5.Centrical Combines gamification with personalized learning and real-time performance tracking, fostering continuous development and aligning individual goals with organizational objectives.
6.Cresta Enhances agent productivity and customer satisfaction with real-time AI-driven feedback and performance analytics, optimizing agent-customer interactions.
7.Axonify Focuses on engaging, gamified microlearning and knowledge reinforcement to ensure continuous agent development and optimal performance.

But before we dive into the best call center gamification software of 2024, let's cover gamification in general and its meaning and impact in contact center environments.

What is Call Center Gamification Software?

Call center gamification software brings game-like mechanics – think points, badges, leaderboards, and competitions – into the contact center environment. The goal is to make everyday tasks more engaging and motivating, ultimately boosting productivity, morale, and customer service quality.

The Science Behind Gamification

Gamification works because it taps into our brain's reward system. When done well, it triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. This positive feedback loop encourages agents to keep engaging with gamified tasks, leading to improved performance.

Gamification also fosters a sense of accomplishment and healthy competition, further motivating agents to strive for excellence.

Why Gamify Your Call Center?

Gamifying your call center is a decision that needs to be considered with your overall contact center objectives. When done correctly, Gamification can significantly enhance agent engagement, and improve key performance indicators such as Average Handle Time (AHT), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and First Call Resolution (FCR).

But the true value of gamification lies in its ability to transform mundane tasks into engaging experiences, thereby fostering a motivated workforce. Agent attrition is costly, with the average cost of losing an agent being $10,000+ according to industry estimates.

4 Benefits of Gamification in The Workplace

Improving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Effective gamification strategies have a direct impact on core customer-facing metrics. By integrating platforms equipped with advanced analytics and AI-powered insights, you can monitor and refine the influence of gamification on essential KPIs, ensuring a marked improvement in operational efficiency.

Empowering Leadership and Coaching

Traditional coaching methods often fall short in measuring their impact on performance. Gamification introduces an element of measurability and focus, enabling leaders to utilize data-driven insights for personalized coaching. This targeted approach ensures that the coaching provided aligns with the desired outcomes, particularly in enhancing core KPIs.

Boosting Knowledge Retention

Integrating gamification with educational platforms enhances the retention of crucial information, ensuring agents possess the knowledge required to excel in customer interactions. This integration not only makes learning more engaging but also ensures that the knowledge is applied effectively, leading to improved service quality.

Reducing Employee Turnover

A dynamic and engaging work environment, fostered by gamification, can significantly reduce turnover rates. By making daily tasks more rewarding and enjoyable, gamification helps in maintaining high levels of agent engagement, thereby increasing job satisfaction and retention.

The Core of Gamification: Empowerment and Performance

Central to the concept of gamifying your contact center is the empowerment it provides to team leaders and coaches. There's a well-documented link between effective coaching and call center performance.

The right gamification software doesn't just add an element of fun; it equips your leadership with the tools needed to motivate, engage, and elevate your team, thereby driving a tangible uplift in overall performance.

7 Common Shortcomings of Gamification Software

While gamification has its benefits, relying solely on it without integrating it into a broader strategic framework and existing systems may not deliver the comprehensive improvements needed for overall contact center success.

Consider the pros and potential cons of gamification in the call center carefully and ensure that any gamification strategy is part of a holistic approach to improving agent performance, satisfaction, and the overall customer experience.

Lack of Integration

Standalone gamification solutions may not integrate well with existing systems, leading to disjointed workflows and potentially undermining the consistency of the user experience.

Surface-Level Motivation

While gamification can boost morale, it might not address deeper issues related to agent satisfaction or long-term engagement, potentially leading to a temporary uplift in metrics without sustained improvement.

Overemphasis on Competition

Excessive focus on competitive elements can foster a counterproductive atmosphere, strain team dynamics, and shift focus away from customer-centric outcomes.

Neglect of Holistic Development

Gamification alone might not support comprehensive agent development, lacking in areas such as personalized coaching, continuous learning, and career progression, which are crucial for long-term employee growth and satisfaction.

Misalignment with Business Goals

If not carefully aligned with the contact center's strategic objectives, gamification might prioritize individual or short-term achievements over the company's broader, long-term goals.

Potential for Inequity

There's a risk that gamification can create disparities among agents, where some may feel demotivated if they consistently lag behind their peers on leaderboards, leading to feelings of inadequacy or unfairness.

Resource Intensiveness

Designing, implementing, and maintaining a gamification system can require significant time and resources, and if not executed well, it might not yield a return on investment commensurate with the effort and cost.

Implementation Criteria for Call Center Gamification Software

The best call center gamification software we're reviewing will integrate with your existing systems, offering features that enrich the entire operational ecosystem and foster a culture of continuous improvement and exceptional customer service.

The most effective solutions, like AmplifAI, combine the power of gamification with robust coaching features to drive measurable improvements across all of your key metrics.

Criteria for Call Center Gamification Software Implementation:

Integration with Existing Systems

The call center gamification software you choose should seamlessly integrate with your current call center technology stack, ensuring that gamification elements enhance rather than disrupt your workflow.

Customization and Scalability

Look for call center gamification software that offer customizable gamification tools that can be tailored to your specific business needs and can scale as your contact center's requirements grow.

Comprehensive Analytics

To be effective, the right call center gamification software should provide in-depth analytics, enabling you to track agent performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your gamification strategy.

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive and engaging interface is crucial to ensure high adoption rates among your agents and to maximize the impact of gamification on their performance.

Support for Continuous Learning

Beyond just gamification, the platform should support ongoing learning and development, offering tools and resources that help agents improve their skills over time.

Motivational Mechanics

Ensure the call center gamification software employs a variety of motivational tools, such as rewards, recognition, and competition, to keep agents engaged and striving for excellence.

Feedback and Communication Tools

The ability to give and receive feedback is essential, as it fosters a culture of continuous improvement and helps reinforce positive behaviors and outcomes.

Compliance and Security

Given the sensitivity of call center data, the gamification software must adhere to industry-standard security protocols and comply with relevant data protection regulations.

Key Features of the Best Call Center Gamification Software

Call center gamification software worth considering should come equipped with a range of accessible features designed to enhance agent engagement, motivate performance, and foster a productive work environment.

Key features you might expect in the best call center gamification software:

  • Rewards and Badges: Offer tangible recognition for achieving specific milestones or surpassing performance benchmarks in your call center. Look for call center gamification software with customizable rewards to align with your business goals.
  • Point Systems: Assign points for various activities or achievements, allowing agents to accumulate them over time for rewards or recognition.
  • Leaderboards: Display rankings of agents or teams based on their performance metrics, fostering a healthy competitive spirit. Strategic use of leaderboards can drive improvement of specific KPIs.
  • Contests and Challenges: Set up competitions around key performance indicators (KPIs) to encourage agents to excel in specific areas. Ensure these challenges align with your overall call center goals.
  • Achievement Unlocking: Enable agents to unlock achievements or badges as they progress, providing a sense of accomplishment and a visual representation of their skills and expertise.
  • Progress Tracking: Keep agents motivated with real-time progress tracking towards goals and milestones, visualizing advancement for a sense of achievement. Look for software that leverages your existing data, offering customizable dashboards that drive focused improvement.
  • Real-time Feedback: Offer immediate performance feedback, allowing agents to adjust their strategies promptly. Advanced platforms leverage AI for personalized guidance, driving skill development alongside basic gamification.
  • Goal Setting: Facilitate the setting of personal or team goals, aligning daily activities with broader operational objectives. Consider platforms that leverage AI-generated insights to create achievable yet challenging goals for each agent.
  • Performance Simulations: Use simulated environments or scenarios where agents can practice skills and strategies, gaining points or rewards for successful outcomes. AI-powered simulations can offer personalized learning and skill development opportunities.
  • Social Recognition: Allow peers to recognize each other’s achievements, fostering a supportive and collaborative work culture.
  • Customizable Avatars: Enable agents to personalize their profiles with avatars, adding a personal touch to the gamified environment.
  • Gamified Learning: Incorporate gamified learning to make training engaging and effective. The most effective call center gamification software will integrate AI-driven coaching into their gamified learning, ensuring agents aren't just mastering information but also honing real-world skills.
  • Skill-Based Routing: Gamify the assignment of customer interactions, routing them based on the agent's performance level or specific skill achievements.

Additional Features to Look For:

  • High Performer Personas: Unlock insights from your top performers and replicate success by using AI-generated personas to guide real-time coaching and goal setting.
  • Advanced Data Ingestion:  Maximize the value of your existing data. Look for platforms that seamlessly integrate with diverse technologies and data sources, delivering tailored gamification and coachable insights to your team leaders.

The Best Call Center Gamification Software of 2024

As we review the best call center gamification software of 2024, it's important to distinguish that our review extends beyond mere gamification platforms. While the market is replete with solutions offering gamified elements, the software we've selected for review embody a more holistic approach to enhancing agent performance and overall call center operations.

These tools are not limited to gamification; they are sophisticated systems designed to foster agent engagement, retention, and elevate key performance metrics, utilizing gamification as one of several strategies to achieve these outcomes.

Have a suggestion for a call center gamification software that should be on our list? We’re all ears! Let us know!

Our research for this article involved a thorough analysis of online resources, company websites, industry reviews, and customer feedback. While we've aimed to provide accurate and unbiased information, we have not directly tested every feature of each platform. To make the most informed decision for your call center, reach out anytime for a more detailed comparison with our team. This guide equips you with a comprehensive overview of the best call center gamification software in 2024. By carefully considering your specific needs and priorities, you can select the platform that will most effectively elevate your call center performance and agent engagement.


AmplifAI call center gamification software review

AmplifAI takes call center gamification to the next level. Its focus on holistic agent development and AI-driven insights sets it apart from traditional gamification tools. With advanced role-based dashboards, High Performer Personas, and seamless data integration, AmplifAI empowers agents and leaders to achieve substantial improvement across all key call center metrics (KPI's). See AmplifAI in Action

Key Features

  • AI-Enabled Coaching at Its Core:  AmplifAI uniquely leverages AI to personalize coaching, using High Performer Personas to deliver tailored guidance. This targeted approach drives measurable skill development and consistent performance enhancement.
  • Gamified Learning for Skill Building:  AmplifAI integrates gamification with its robust coaching engine. This combination motivates agents while focusing their development on areas that directly impact customer satisfaction, AHT, FCR, and other critical KPIs.
  • Data-Driven Insights for All Roles: AmplifAI's role-based dashboards offer transparency and actionable insights for agents, team leaders, managers, and executives. This data-backed approach facilitates strategic decision-making, fosters long-term coaching effectiveness, and creates alignment across the organization.
  • Unmatched Data Ingestion: AmplifAI seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, transforming any data source into actionable insights. This flexibility ensures the platform delivers value regardless of your tech stack.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: AmplifAI's customer support goes beyond just integration, ensuring ongoing alignment with your business goals and operational needs.

Ideal for

  • Call centers committed to data-driven improvement and focused on a single solution for overall contact center performance management.
  • Organizations that prioritize agent development, retention, and lasting skill enhancement alongside immediate performance gains.
  • Call centers with complex data environments or those seeking a highly adaptable solution.


AmplifAI's sophisticated capabilities especially in the areas of data integration, role-based performance intelligence, quality assurance, AI enabled coaching, agent engagement, and emphasis on holistic performance transformation make it an exceptional choice for call centers serious about driving substantial, long-term results across all areas of your contact center operation.


Seven out of ten of the top BPO's use AmplifAI to manage their call center performance. Recognized with the highest distinction in the Gartner Hype Cycle as "Transformational" Everyday AI, "...a must have for every contact center."


Level Eleven review call center gamification software

LevelEleven is designed to boost sales and service performance through targeted gamification. Its focus on leaderboards, contests, instant recognition, and goal-driven metrics makes it a strong choice for environments where driving sales results is paramount. Visit LevelEleven

Key Features

  • Sales-Driven Gamification: LevelEleven tailors its gamification features (leaderboards, contests, etc.) specifically to sales and service KPIs. This specialized focus makes it a great option for teams motivated by clear targets and competitive environments.
  • Real-Time Performance Recognition: LevelEleven excels at highlighting individual and team achievements, fostering an instant positive feedback loop that reinforces successful sales behaviors.
  • Strategic Motivation Tools: LevelEleven empowers managers to create incentives, challenges, and recognition programs aligned with specific sales and service goals.

Ideal For

  • Call centers with a primary emphasis on sales performance and immediate results.
  • Environments where competition and real-time recognition are strong motivators for teams.
  • Organizations seeking to enhance sales processes and drive specific service metrics.


LevelEleven offers an effective toolkit for sales-focused call centers. Organizations looking to boost performance beyond core sales metrics, or those seeking a holistic solution that emphasizes agent development alongside sales goals, may want to explore platforms with a broader suite of features and deeper analytics capabilities. review call center gamification software positions itself as a pure play gamification platform, providing a wide array of tools to enhance engagement through customized experiences. Its focus on flexibility and its extensive API integration capabilities make it a potentially good fit for organizations comfortable with a more technical, hands-on approach. Visit

Key Features

  • Extensive Gamification Toolkit: offers a robust suite of gamification features, including leaderboards, challenges, rewards, and more. This provides a strong foundation for creating tailored engagement experiences.
  • API-Driven Integration:'s emphasis on APIs allows for deep integration with existing systems. This flexibility is a strength for organizations with the technical resources to leverage it fully.
  • Customization: provides customizable elements, allowing for gamification strategies tailored to specific goals and user behaviors.

Ideal For

  • Technically savvy organizations seeking granular control over gamification implementations.
  • Call centers with the resources for custom integration and ongoing optimization of gamification features.
  • Environments where gamification is the primary focus, with less emphasis on integrated coaching and data analytics.

Considerations offers extensive customization and flexibility, a significant advantage for tech-savvy call centers. However, this flexibility may lead to complexity. Success with this platform often depends on having strong technical expertise or dedicated IT support for setup and ongoing optimization.

Organizations seeking a more user-friendly solution with out-of-the-box features and robust customer support might want to explore other call center gamification software options.


Ambition review call center gamification software

Ambition excels at driving a competitive, sales-focused environment, leveraging gamification to boost key sales metrics. Its robust dashboards, contests, achievement notifications, and real-time recognition features are designed to ignite a high-energy, results-driven culture within your sales teams. Visit Ambition

Key Features

  • Sales-Centric Gamification: Ambition's leaderboards, competitions, and achievement-based rewards system are tailored to motivate sales teams. Its focus on individual performance metrics makes it a strong contender for sales-oriented environments.
  • Performance Tracking and Analytics: Ambition provides sales managers with the tools to track KPIs, identify trends, and measure the impact of gamification initiatives. While its analytics are robust, they primarily focus on sales targets.
  • Customizable Coaching Programs: Ambition offers sales coaching capabilities, allowing managers to provide feedback and tailor programs to individual needs. However, its coaching features may be less comprehensive than platforms built with a broader focus on agent development.
  • CRM and Sales Tool Integration: Ambition is designed to work seamlessly with popular CRM platforms, streamlining the tracking of sales activity and gamification data.

Ideal For

  • Call centers with a strong emphasis on sales performance and a desire to boost individual agent productivity.
  • Organizations with existing sales-focused CRM systems seeking to enhance motivation and engagement.
  • Teams that thrive in a competitive environment driven by real-time metrics and recognition.


Ambition can be a powerful tool for sales-driven call centers. Organizations looking to improve performance across a wider range of customer experience metrics, or those prioritizing holistic agent development with long-term skill-building, may want to explore platforms that offer a broader suite of features alongside their core sales-focused gamification tools.


Centrical review call center gamification software

Centrical provides a holistic gamification solution for call centers seeking to enhance agent engagement, performance, and overall operational efficiency. Its blend of gamification, personalized learning, and AI-powered analytics aims to foster a culture of continuous development and improvement. Visit Centrical

Key Features

  • Holistic Gamification: Centrical goes beyond basic leaderboards, integrating gamification into daily tasks and routines to create a more engaging and motivating work environment.
  • Personalized Learning: Centrical's adaptive microlearning modules are tailored for individual development, focusing on continuous skill-building. While a powerful tool, it might not offer the same depth of AI-driven coaching found in platforms like AmplifAI.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Centrical leverages AI to provide insights on performance patterns and trends. However, its focus may be broader than the role-based personalization and KPI-specific recommendations offered by AmplifAI.
  • Adaptability: Centrical's flexibility makes it suitable for call centers of various sizes.

Ideal For

  • Call centers prioritizing a well-rounded approach to agent engagement and skill development with a key focus on Gamification.
  • Organizations seeking to improve operational metrics through a combination of gamification and focused learning initiatives.
  • Environments where adaptability and customization are important for aligning the platform with specific goals.


Centrical offers a strong suite of engagement and development tools for call center agents, with gamification being a valuable component. Organizations seeking a solution that has more holisitic integration with QA, agent development through coaching may want to explore platforms with a stronger focus on those areas.


Cresta review call center gamification software

Cresta specializes in real-time AI feedback, optimizing agent-customer interactions for increased satisfaction and efficiency. Gamification is a part of Cresta's Generative AI approach to agent engagement. Its focus on instant, actionable insights makes it a valuable asset for call centers seeking to improve service quality and drive immediate results. Visit Cresta

Key Features

  • Instant AI Insights Cresta's core strength lies in its ability to deliver real-time, AI-powered guidance to agents during customer conversations. This immediate feedback loop fosters adaptability and enables agents to tailor their approach for optimal outcomes.
  • Dynamic Performance Analytics Cresta provides in-depth analytics, but with a specific focus on real-time performance patterns and customer interaction trends. While powerful, its historical reporting may not be as robust as platforms that prioritize long-term skill tracking and personalized growth plans.
  • Empowered Agent Interactions Cresta ensures agents have instant access to relevant information, directly supporting their ability to provide exceptional customer service.

Ideal For

  • Call centers prioritizing immediate customer satisfaction improvements through real-time guidance.
  • Dynamic environments where the ability to adapt quickly to customer needs is crucial.
  • Organizations seeking to optimize individual agent-customer interactions based on instant feedback.


Cresta offers an effective toolkit for sales-focused call centers. Organizations seeking a more holistic approach, focused on comprehensive agent development alongside sales goals, or those aiming to impact a wider range of operational metrics, may want to explore platforms that offer deeper insights, AI-powered coaching, and integrated learning alongside their gamification features.


Axonify review call center gamification software

Axonify offers call centers a gamified approach to learning and knowledge reinforcement, making training more engaging and effective. Its blend of gamification, personalized microlearning, and performance insights supports continuous agent development. Visit Axonify

Key Features

  • Gamified Microlearning: Axonify delivers training in bite-sized, engaging formats, using gamification elements to increase motivation and knowledge retention.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Adapts to individual agent needs, targeting knowledge gaps and ensuring training aligns with individual skill development requirements.
  • Performance Insights: Axonify provides insights into knowledge retention and its translation into on-the-job performance, supporting continuous learning initiatives.
  • Focus on Knowledge & Skill-Building: Axonify's primary strength lies in its ability to make training engaging and drive knowledge retention.

Ideal For:

  • Call centers prioritizing continuous training and development, especially those with frequent process updates or high turnover.
  • Organizations focused on ensuring agents have the knowledge to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Call centers where knowledge-based performance and efficiency are crucial KPIs.


Axonify's unique focus on gamified learning makes it a powerful tool for knowledge-driven call centers. Organizations seeking a comprehensive all-in-one gamification platform, or those focused on real-time performance metrics and AI-driven coaching, may want to consider platforms offering a broader suite of features alongside their gamification elements


Selecting the right call center gamification software is not about games and challenges; it's about meaningfully engaging with your agents to inspire them in ways that drive performance, retention, and create a culture of team spirit in your contact center. Games can be an important tool in your belt, but there are far more important coaching tools and techniques to achieve results that move the needle in every way.

The call center gamification software we've explored offer the power to drive substantial improvements in agent engagement, performance across key call center metrics, and the overall customer experience by leveraging game like elements as part of broader eco-systems of call center performance management.

By strategically aligning your specific goals with the unique strengths of a gamification solution, you can see impactful movement of KPI's and reduction of agent turnover.

When sourcing your solution, don't hesitate to seek out demos and expert guidance to ensure you choose the right call center gamification software.

Key Takeaways

Integration is Fundamental

Seamless integration of gamification with your existing call center technology is vital for maximizing impact and avoiding disruption.

Coaching is Key

The most transformative gamification solutions prioritize AI-driven coaching, data-backed insights, and personalized development alongside gameplay elements.

Align Goals and Metrics

Choose a platform with features and customization capabilities that align directly with your desired improvements in key call center metrics.

Focus on the User Experience

Consider the ease of use for both agents and managers. A well-designed, intuitive platform drives higher adoption rates and greater success.

Change Requires Support

Successful implementation often hinges on excellent customer support from your gamification provider. Choose a company with a proven track record of partnership and successful integrations.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Fit?

We understand that choosing the right gamification software is an important decision. Contact us for further assistance in narrowing down your options and identifying the software that will drive the most significant impact for your call center.

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Improved Performance & Customer Experience
Month over month gains in Issue Resolution,
FCR and NPS;
Month over month reductions in Handle times,
ACW and Hold
Winning additional client headcount
30% improvement in sales conversion
Retaining talented people
8-point reduction in turnover
Improving financial performance
10% increase in utilization


The future of success in your contact center is contingent on how you impact performance in ways that are both immediate and sustainable. And it doesn’t matter whether your agents are on-site, at-home, full-time, part-time, or temporary – you must deliver on performance.

Coaching is one of the most significant tools we can use to deliver on the engagement and performance of our people – but we must develop our processes, our people and leadership skills, and our technology tools, in order to overthrow the pervasive challenges to achieving greater coaching effectiveness and supercharging contact center performance!

Unlock the potential of your employees and skyrocket your ROI with cutting-edge coaching.

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