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AmplifAI Top 30%, on 2022 Inc. 5000 List

Julie Hsu
Julie Hsu
AmplifAI Top 30%, on 2022 Inc. 5000 List

Inc. 5000 Announces 2022 Top Companies

Earlier this month, Inc. Magazine announced their annual list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America – a list creatively named Inc. 5000.

And we’ve got big news. 

AmplifAI made the list! Coming in at number 1,396 – the top 30% – AmplifAI showed over 450% growth over the last three years.

Live footage from our AmplifAI headquarters.

We couldn’t be more excited or more honored.

(Click here to read the official press release.)

Sharing the Spotlight with America’s Fastest-Growing Companies

“Being named to the Inc. 5000 annual list is a significant achievement,” says Sean Minter, CEO and Founder of AmplifAI. “We are honored to be recognized in association with so many other highly successful companies.”

Many well-known brands – including Intuit, Microsoft, Patagonia, Under Armour, and Zappos – earned their first claim to national fame from their inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list.

Today's economic turmoil makes it difficult for companies to survive – let alone thrive. But somehow, the 5,000 companies on this 2022 list demonstrate their strength and resiliency despite the challenging economy.

Inc.’s 5000 list includes companies from almost every industry. Coming in at the number one spot is BlockFi. Founded in 2017, this financial company provides wealth management products to crypto investors.

Other standouts include Barrett Distribution Centers, a transportation and supply chain company nominated for their eleventh consecutive year, ranking 4,255 in 2022. SnapNurse, the top health services company and number two overall, is changing how America fills healthcare staffing needs. Fohse, the leader in agriculture and natural resources, focuses exclusively on creating LED light fixtures to maximize plant growth, cultivation, and harvest.

The 2022 Inc. 5000 List Points to a People-First Movement

Scrolling through the list of 5,000, we noticed a recurring theme among the companies: companies succeeding in 2022 are putting people first.

Regardless of industry – from automotive and crypto to health services and telecommunications – organizations are creating products and providing services to improve people's lives at home and in the workplace.

For instance, OJO Labs (ranked 355) is making homeownership within reach for everyone. They’re closing the gap for all people regardless of race, class, or gender. SchooLinks (ranked 910) is bringing a college and career-readiness platform using data to provide improved student experiences and tailored curriculum while also delivering actionable insights for counselors to be more effective. TrustRadius (ranked 3019) provides software reviews powered by real users and backed by research specialists. What sets them apart? They don’t sell ads or paid placements, so people can trust that the top reviews truly earned their place.

Adding even more fuel to this people-first movement is an announcement from Google just two days after the Inc. 5000 list was announced.

In their blog post, “More content by people, for people in Search,” Google announced they’re changing their search engine algorithm to prioritize the content people find most useful as opposed to content that “…might not have the insights you want, or it may not even seem like it was created for, or even by, a person.” 

AI-Software Improves Teams, Sales, Retention, and Experiences

Providing better experiences for people is something near and dear to AmplifAI. At its core, AmplifAI was founded to enable every employee to succeed – from the frontline associates and team leads to the corporate leaders and the organization itself.

AmplifAI combines decades of industry expertise and thought leadership with AI-driven software to deliver outstanding results, such as $135 MM in cost savings, a 12% reduction in retention, and increased coaching by 40%.

But as great as these results are, it means even more that our users tell us how AmplifAI has saved them so much time out of their daily workload and enabled them to make better, more meaningful connections with their teams.

Your employees will always remain your greatest asset, no matter how big the organization is. 

The AmplifAI Five: Frequently-Asked Questions

1. What does it mean to be in Inc. 5000?

Inc. introduced the Inc. 500 list in 1982. In 2007, the magazine expanded its list to the Inc. 5000 to accommodate an ever-expanding landscape of entrepreneurial success. This list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States honors the businesses with the highest overall revenue growth over three years.

2. Is Inc. 5000 a big deal?

To put it simply – yes. Whether you’re listed as number one or number 4,832, the Inc. 5000 list is a prestigious honor, especially for those looking to define their entrepreneurial success, especially given the fact that there are over 30 million businesses in the United States.

3. How do you qualify for Inc. 5000?

The companies on the 2022 list were selected based on their revenue growth between 2019 and 2021. Each nominee must be U.S.-based, privately held, for-profit, and independent – not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies – as of December 31, 2021. You can get the full qualification details on Inc.’s website.

4. Can a company be on the Inc. 5000 list more than once?

While companies can only be listed once each year, they do have the chance to be nominated every year if they continue to show growth. This year there were over 900 repeat honorees.

5. How did the AmplifAI team respond to the nomination?

We were thrilled! This is a big milestone for us, and we were honored to be included.

Could we BE any more excited? I don't think so.

Check out the official press release on Business Wire.

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8-point reduction in turnover
Improving financial performance
10% increase in utilization


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