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The Work At Home Challenge

Work at home associates and leaders must first have the necessary tools and systems to do their jobs. But once organizations have invested in and implemented the necessary infrastructure, customer care leaders face a much harder challenge: effectively managing and developing their remote teams.

Without effective performance management and development tools, organizations risk damaging their customer experience. And with customer expectations at an all time high, this is something no organization can afford to risk. But how do you deliver peak employee performance, productivity and superior customer experiences with a remote workforce?

But how?

And how do you do this without face-to-face interactions?

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Effectively Manage and Develop Your Remote Workforce with AmplifAI

Our industry leading AI connects your data, processes, remote teams and actions, and together, delivers peak employee performance and outstanding customer experience! With engaged associates, empowered leaders, and accelerated results across teams and sites, executive leaders experience unparalleled confidence in their operation's ability to effectively manage and develop their remote workforce! AmplifAI's platform delivers comprehensive performance management and development capabilities to 100% Work at Home Operations, Blended and On-Premise enterprises.

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Help remote contact center employees hit performance targets.
How do you create consistency and elevate efficiency across on-site and at-home teams?

AI Powered Recommendations and Personas

AI-powered recommendations ensure frontline leaders’ daily actions target the right people and metrics and are aligned to the enterprise's operational goals and top performers.

Our cloud platform analyzes performance across teams and KPIs, identifies who is underperforming, and pushes actions that propel them towards the top performer persona (a real-time model based on your top performing associates).

When AmplifAI prioritizes performance action plans, consistency and effectiveness grow! Work at home leaders gain back the valuable time previously wasted by ongoing data analysis and manual action plan creation.

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How do you track, share and monitor frontline associate performance?

Role-Based Performance Visualizations

All frontline associate and team leader metrics (KPIs) are visualized on comprehensive, role-based performance dashboards.

Team leaders can easily view their entire teams’ performance and diagnose who needs help or recognition on which metrics and behaviors.

Time filters and trend charts combine with numbers and colors to enable rapid understanding of current and historical performance, with dedicated views delivering the right information for each role in your organization.

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How do frontline leaders coach, follow-up and recognize associates?

Automated Coaching, Follow-Up and Recognition Tasks

Tailored coaching and follow-up workflows live within the platform, allowing for online completion, historical reference, and visibility across leaders, supervisors, and associates alike.

When associates are performing below goal, team leaders receive an automated task to perform a 1-1/coaching session targeting that specific metric, with specific behaviors and tactics mapped out.

  • If the associate fails to reach their targeted performance commitment by the assigned date, a follow up task is assigned.
  • If the associate succeeds, a recognition task is assigned.

In a work from home environment, our cloud coaching, follow up and recognition tasks keep leaders focused and associates on track!

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How do you enable team and front line leader effectiveness?

Coaching Effectiveness Metric and Dashboard

You think coaching is happening.  Or maybe you know it is.  But is the coaching time investment paying off – in increased engagement and positive change?  And how do you tell which coaches need development?

Our coaching effectiveness metric is an automated algorithm measuring a coach’s ability to improve associate performance after completing coaching sessions.  The more coachings you do where associates improve afterwards, the higher your coaching effectiveness score.

  • For example, if John has an 80% coaching effectiveness score, we know John's coaching sessions improve his associate's metric performance 80% of the time.

This new indicator reveals the Return on (Time) Investment and equips contact center leaders with the specific knowledge of who their best coaches are (for every metric.)

For further understanding of coaching activity and effectivity, our specialized Coaching Effectiveness Dashboard gives Contact Center leaders and site directors instant access to their entire organization's coaching history – by team and site, by coach, by metric and behavior.

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Drive Coaching Effectiveness with the Call Center Coaching Bundle - Download Your Free Copy

How do you create community and continuity that elevates experience and retains top talent?

Effective Management and Development

Contact centers have transformed into experience centers. Frontline associates and team leaders are now responsible for prolonged satisfaction of every customer they come into contact with.

As their roles' grow in complexity, so does their need for high-level skills development and focused management. Without acute and effective attention from their leaders, organizations risk losing their top talent, as well as their steady performers - especially for remote teams!

AmplifAI connects the disconnected - from data, to processes, to remote teams and actions - and creates a community that promotes engagement and growth.  Low performers become average performers. Average performers become top performers. And top performers become superstars.

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