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Predictive Coaching & Recognition

Know who to coach, what to coach them on, and when to coach them!

AmplifAI monitors and learns from your employees’ performance against goals and metrics, identifying best practices and improvement opportunities that then drive intelligent suggestions to help your managers coach, recognize, and reinforce performance. 

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Automated Tracking

We monitor coaching, task and learning activity due dates and commitments, and proactively notify managers of completion, or lack-thereof.

Automated Recognition

We automatically push out social recognition notices whenever an employee exceeds a quota or achieves a personal performance record.

Amplified Engagement

The positive energy and momentum created by consistent and quality coaching, timely follow-through, and the visibility of social recognition is a boost to all employees’ motivation and drives engagement and action throughout your teams!



ACE automatically alerts you to who and what need attention, recognition and more

Coach The Coach

Records supervisor-employee coaching sessions for playback, QA and coaching skills development

Coaching Effectiveness Rating

Auto generates coaching effectiveness score and stack ranks Supervisors

Performance Gamification

Displays leaderboards, incentive progress and social recognition feeds

Responsive Tracking

Tracks coaching sessions, commitment improvements, attached documents and auto-generates follow-up tasks

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