Performance Intelligence

Kiss Building Manual Scorecards Goodbye

For contact center leaders who like their data pre-sliced, diced, and ready for action.
amplifai contact center performance enablement platform
Trusted by 100's of CX-Driven Brands from American Eagle to Zillow.
American Eagle Outfitters
Full Data Access
American Eagle team leaders and VPs derive insights from access to 100% of their data.
chewy pet products retailer
Time Savings: Per Leader
Chewy saves 12 hrs/week per team leader by streamlining data management processes.
Reduced Prep Time
Sun Country leaders experience a 51% reduction in weekly coaching prep time.
Weekly Analysis ROI
Zillow  only needed 2 team leaders to break even on their investment in AmplifAI's AI analysis.

See Your Performance. Don't Chase It.

Get up-to-the-minute performance views in seconds.

Before AmplifAI

Organization Pain
Contact center performance data is scattered across disparate systems, requiring excessive effort for analysis and action
Difficult to maintain desired performance levels across contact center teams
Have to wait for teams of analysts to compile information for performance updates.
Unable to identify which actions truly impact agent and team performance
Frontline Leader Pain
Excessive effort and time is spent gathering and compiling data for performance management
Struggle to identify key performance drivers and the action to help teams
Agent Pain
Lack real-time insights into their performance and coaching sessions are unfocused
Praiseworthy achievements frequently go unnoticed and unrecognized

After AmplifAI

Organization Gain
Simply performance insights with all your data consolidated into one source, constantly updated, and tailored to every role's needs
Amplify staff utilization, revenue and collections with AI actions based on your high performers
Director and VP Gain
View total organizational performance in an instant and drill all the way down to agent details
Develop high-performing frontline leaders consistently using coaching effectiveness insights
Frontline Leader Gain
Save 60% of time-spent-on-reporting and reinvest into frontline agent development
Receive daily, AI-driven action plans, scaling consistent improvement across team members
Agent Gain
Receive real-time KPI access and laser-focused coaching from supervisors
Start the day with AI-driven recognition and notifications of recent wins

Before AmplifAI

Excessive payroll expenses are incurred due to inefficient usage of frontline resources
Have to wait for teams of analysts to compile information.
Manager  Pain
High churn keeps the focus on agent replacement & misses the real issue of ineffective team leaders
Low visibility into coaching data restricts understanding of coaching impact
Supervisor Pain
Manual reporting and analysis consume the majority of performance management efforts
The struggle to interpret and action complex data results in inconsistent team performance
Lack motivational tools and resources to effectively engage team
Agent Pain
Infrequent scorecard updates and low-quality coaching creates challenges for growth

After AmplifAI

Director and VP Gain
Achieve higher ROI on frontline staff by improving productivity, sales and cost KPIs
Gain an easy, compiled, comprehensive view of top performance across lines of business.
Manager Gain
Develop high-performing supervisors consistently using coaching effectiveness insights
Improve frontline productivity with easy access to pre-assembled performance data for all roles
Supervisor Gain
Reinvest reporting time with frontline agents
Receive daily, AI-driven action plans, scaling consistent improvement across teams
Start the day with AI-driven recognition and gamification recommendations
Agent Gain
Receive real-time KPI access and improve frequency and quality-time with supervisor

Before AmplifAI

Team leaders bogged down with manual reporting, spending up to 4 hours a day.
Log into 6 separate systems daily to piece together data points.
Reactive decisions made on gut feel.
Agents left without regular feedback, causing inconsistent performance.
Daily report creation is cumbersome and costly.
Senior leadership faced financial losses and missed opportunities.

After AmplifAI

Eliminate digital friction. Save and reinvest 40% of reporting time back into teams.
Summarize all data in one centralized place.
Replace guesswork and frustration with always accurate role-based views.
Agents receive up-to-the-minute performance scores, enabling focused self-improvement.
Free teams from repetitive reporting thanks to automated data synthesis.
Senior leaders capitalize on efficiency gains and team performance.
Performance Intelligence Features

Personalized Performance for Every Role

Provide your teams with the visibility and actions they need to elevate CX - no matter your tech stack.

Unified Performance Data

See pre-assembled performance data in one place - every data source is connectable

Real-Time and Role-Based Views

Access individualized, real-time intelligence for every role - from agents to directors

High Performer Personas

Digital representations of your A-players establish a universal benchmark of excellence

Next Best Action

Identify and recommend the most impactful improvement actions for each agent with our AI

Coaching Effectiveness Scores

Measure the impact of a team leader's coaching on agent performance

Changing Your CCaaS or CRM?

Keep data up-to-date with our patented data ingestion process - always flexible to your needs
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