Power High-Performing Frontline Teams with Adaptive Personas.

Adaptive Personas focus frontline leaders and associates on the data-driven actions, behaviors and insights based on high performers - resulting in amplified teams, sales and CX across the operation.

Understand why your highest performing employees are at the top.

The Secret to High Performers

Your AmplifAI persona is an AI-generated model of your operations top frontline associates and managers - revealing the winning actions, behaviors and patterns hidden in your operational big data.

The High Performer Persona, identifying the best of the best.

A New Standard For Excellence

Personas provide structure and context around the high performers across your entire agent population, allowing you to compare any individual against the persona to understand critical variances.

Transforming low performing employees into higher performers.

The Persona Advantage

Learning about your ideal associate -- their challenges, strengths, goals, patterns -- helps leadership follow a strategy that capitalizes on what people do best and uses those learnings to help those that need it.

Are your Teams Amplified?

See how AmplifAI uses your operational data to transform teams into high performing machines!
Transform Teams Into High Performers