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12 Best Call Center QA Software 2024

Richard James
Richard James
Director of CX, Web | AmplifAI
12 Best Call Center QA Software 2024

If you're on the hunt for the best call center quality assurance software but struggling to make a choice, you've landed in the right spot.

Remember the days when call center quality assurance (QA) meant relying on endless spreadsheets and subjective scorecards? Supervisors would spend hours reviewing call recordings, often basing evaluations more on intuition than on hard data.

While these traditional methods had their time, they have become increasingly inadequate for handling the complexities and speed of the modern contact center.

Today, Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) have transformed how contact centers approach customer interactions and agent development, making manual reviews and inconsistent feedback obsolete.

AI-powered call center quality assurance (QA) software now enables more precise agent evaluations, streamlines workflows, and unlocks a wealth of insights that were once beyond the reach of Executives, QA Trainers, Team Leaders and Frontline agents.

This explosive growth in AI capabilities means that effective call center QA software has transitioned from a luxury reserved only for the top Enterprises to a critical business necessity for all contact centers, no matter the size.

With over 25 years of experience in contact center operations, our team at AmplifAI has witnessed the transformative impact of AI in call center QA firsthand. Our experience supporting over 200,000 users across 150 enterprise brands and BPOs provides us with unique insights. Leveraging this depth of knowledge, we've crafted a comprehensive guide to the best call center QA software solutions for 2024.

Call Center Quality Assurance Evaluation Criteria

The market is rich with call center QA software options. While some are strictly adept at handling QA others include it as part of a broader call center productivity and performance platform. Sifting through these to find the right fit for your unique needs can be both daunting and expensive.

The challenge is to avoid investing in a siloed tool that demands complex integration while still needing additional resources to enhance other aspects of your contact center's operations, including agent and team development.

We've rigorously analyzed the leading call center QA software solutions (including our own) to help you answer these questions:

  • Elevating Agent Performance: Does the software equip your team leaders with the data they need to deliver targeted coaching that drives measurable improvements in agent performance?
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Can the solution ensure every interaction is compliant, positive, and memorable – fostering the kind of customer experience that builds loyalty?
  • Driving Business Growth: Will this software truly optimize your operations, boosting efficiency across contact center KPIs and maximizing your return on investment?
  • Addressing Compliance Risks: How effectively does the software mitigate compliance risks, protecting your contact center from costly penalties and reputational damage?
  • Delivering Value: Does the solution offer the comprehensive functionality needed to justify the cost, or will you need to invest in additional, siloed tools?

We understand that these are the real-world concerns that keep contact center leaders up at night (and us too!).

Our analysis of the best call center QA softwares of 2024 will give you a great start in making an informed decision.

Before we jump into detailed reviews of each software, let's cover a brief overview of what call center QA software is and what features you should be looking for.

If you’re eager to explore the top contenders right away, use the table below to navigate directly to the individual reviews.

Call Center QA Software Summary
1.AmplifAI A pioneering call center QA software powered by advanced Generative AI. With Auto-QA, QA Co-pilot, AmplifAI integrates all contact center data, turning QA into a strategic tool for overall contact center performance management.
2.Nice CXone Delivers extensive QA features and workforce optimization in an enterprise-grade solution for large-scale centers.
3.CallMiner Specializes in deep conversational analytics and compliance monitoring, ideal for detailed sentiment analysis.
4.Talkdesk Integrates QA within a comprehensive suite, offering deep functionality across contact center operations. Offers real-time speech analytics and automated QA scoring, enhancing compliance and risk management for contact centers.
6.Scorebuddy Offers straightforward, agent-centric QA at an affordable price, focusing on simplicity. Provides real-time conversational support and guidance, boosting agent performance during live calls.
8.Convin Excels with its precision in conversation analytics, uniquely identifying performance gaps and training opportunities through its automated analysis and scoring capabilities
9.Playvox Combines QA with workforce management in a streamlined platform, enhancing operational efficiency.
10.Maestro QA Enhances QA with detailed analytics and structured feedback, focusing on precision and consistency in agent evaluations, ideal for hands-on quality management.
11.LevelAI Provides real-time analytics and automated feedback, supporting improvements in customer interactions with AI-driven insights.
12.Klausapp Focuses on enhancing customer support with detailed interaction scoring and team-based feedback, ideal for fostering a culture of continuous quality improvement.

What is Call Center Quality Assurance Software?

Call center quality assurance (QA) software is a specialized tool designed to ensure adherence to service standards, identify opportunities for improvement in customer interactions, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. Beyond simply monitoring calls, modern QA software provides a suite of features.

Most Important Call Center QA Features

  • Call monitoring and recording

    Tools for targeted review of interactions, whether random sampling or flagging specific keywords and phrases.

  • Interaction scoring

    Flexible scorecards assess compliance, customer experience, and adherence to best practices. AI-powered analysis can supplement these scorecards for deeper insights.

  • Performance analytics and reporting

    Visualizations and customizable reports help track performance trends, uncover root causes of issues, and streamline compliance audits.

  • Coaching and development tools

    Features that connect QA findings with targeted coaching resources, empowering leaders to guide their teams effectively.

Effective QA software empowers contact centers to deliver better customer experiences, boost agent morale, maintain compliance, and optimize operational efficiency. It's the key to unlocking a consistent level of quality that protects your brand reputation and drives long-term success.

Why is Quality Assurance (QA) Important to Your Call Center?

Quality Assurance (QA) is important in call centers because it directly impacts customer satisfaction, agent performance, and the overall efficiency of operations. Effective call center QA ensures that all customer interactions meet the highest standards of service, which helps in building trust and loyalty.

The problem is, traditional QA takes a lot of time, is manual, and takes away from the actual time a team leader has to coach specific types of behavior critical to driving improvements in performance KPIs. Call centers once relied on time-consuming manual QA processes like random call sampling and handwritten scorecards. But these methods are no longer viable in today's fast-paced environment. They devour team leaders' time, hinder proactive coaching, and create bottlenecks that prevent you from scaling your QA efforts as call volume grows.

Challenges and Costs of Traditional Quality Assurance

The costs of relying on traditional QA are significant.

  • Agent Attrition and Lost Productivity

    Without clear standards and data-driven feedback, agents risk penalties or even termination. This creates a demoralizing atmosphere of fear, leading to high turnover, constant retraining expenses, and lost productivity.

  • Missed Opportunities and Revenue Loss

    Inconsistent quality due to a lack of clear QA standards leads to dissatisfied customers, missed sales, and damaged brand reputation. Every negative interaction has the potential to translate into lost revenue.

  • Inefficient Operations

    Traditional QA floods team leaders with data but few insights. They waste hours on manual analysis instead of strategically improving processes and empowering agents – hindering your contact center's overall efficiency and ability to meet performance goals.

  • The True Cost

    The impact of traditional QA isn't just about frustration. It bleeds into every aspect of your business – from recruitment and training costs to customer churn and missed revenue opportunities.

Modern call center QA software offers a solution. It streamlines processes, provides real-time actionable insights, and empowers your team leaders to drive measurable improvement.

The recent growth in QA software solutions aims to address these challenges. However, many tools focus solely on scoring interactions or rely heavily on AI-driven auto-coaching, leaving leaders with the task of piecing together data for meaningful insights and missing out on the crucial human-centric element of effective coaching.

The Need for a Holistic Call Center QA Software

The right call center quality assurance software holds tremendous potential to transform your contact center. Yet, some solutions leave that potential untapped, trapped in a silo, disconnected from your key business metrics. This siloed approach has severe limitations:

  • Missed Connections: Without integrating QA data with KPIs like customer satisfaction (CSAT), average handle time (AHT), and first call resolution (FCR), it's impossible to see exactly how agent quality impacts your overall performance.
  • Blind Spots: When QA operates independently, leaders struggle to identify the root causes of negative trends. Are long hold times caused by inadequate agent training or overly complicated processes? Integrating QA findings with operational data provides the answers.
  • Reactive vs. Proactive: Disconnected QA means constantly putting out fires instead of strategically improving your contact center. Integrated performance management allows you to spot emerging issues before they become full-blown crises.
  • Wasted Coaching Opportunities: Effective call center coaching requires context. By linking QA insights with agent performance metrics, team leaders can deliver targeted guidance that drives measurable improvement, not just generic advice.

Modern call center QA software empowers you to unlock the full potential of all your call center analytics data. It's a key component of your overarching performance management strategy, fueling proactive improvement, and driving transformative change.

By choosing a solution that seamlessly integrates with your CRM, telephony system, and other call center tech-stack, you gain the ability to:

  • Make data-driven decisions that benefit your contact center and your customers.
  • Empower team leaders to be true agents of change, not just scorekeepers.
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement fueled by actionable insights.

Features of the Best Call Center Quality Assurance Software

To turn your QA process into a competitive advantage, look for a solution with these essential features and integrations:

Holistic Performance Measurement

The ability to link QA data with overall call center metrics (CSAT, AHT, conversion rates, etc.). This allows leaders to see how agent quality directly impacts business goals.

Coaching Integration

The software should seamlessly connect QA findings with coaching tools. This empowers team leaders to deliver targeted and timely feedback, fostering continuous agent development.


While AI offers valuable insights, a high-quality call center QA software prioritizes team leaders as the primary drivers of coaching. It should provide data in ways that support human feedback and personalized development plans. Augment not replace is the goal.

Advanced AI Features

Features like:

  • Auto-summaries: Software that utilizes Generative AI, and LLMs can break down lengthy call interactions into concise summaries. This saves team leaders precious time, allowing them to quickly pinpoint key moments, trends, and areas for improvement.
  • Sentiment Analysis: AI can analyze the emotional tone of calls, providing valuable insights into customer sentiment. This helps you spot emerging issues that could damage your brand reputation and allows you to proactively address customer frustrations.
  • Keyword and Phrase Spotting: Customize your QA software to flag specific words or phrases that indicate compliance concerns, upselling opportunities, or common customer pain points. This streamlines compliance audits and helps you identify areas where additional agent support is needed.
  • Predictive Analytics: Advanced solutions can analyze historical data to identify potential problem areas before they become widespread issues. This allows team leaders to proactively coach agents and implement process improvements, preventing customer dissatisfaction and efficiency losses. ‍
  • Topic Identification: AI-powered topic clustering helps you categorize call volume, revealing recurring issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. This allows you to tailor your training programs and knowledge base, empowering agents to provide better service.

Ease of Use and Customization

Can the software be easily tailored to your center's specific needs, and is it intuitive enough for both team leaders and agents to navigate?

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Does the software provide in-depth reports on QA trends, agent performance over time, and insights to drive improvement initiatives?


Can the software grow alongside your call center and is it suitable for centers of different sizes?

Integration with Existing Systems

How easily does the QA software integrate with your current CRM, telephony system, and other essential tools?

Important Note: AI as a Tool

AI-powered features are their most powerful when used to augment the skills and expertise of your human team leaders. Look for a solution that delivers data-driven insights while prioritizing the critical element of human-centric coaching.

The 12 Best Call Center Quality Assurance Software of 2024

Here's a look at the 12 call center QA software leading the way in 2024.

  1. AmplifAI
  2. Nice CXone
  3. CallMiner
  4. Talkdesk
  6. Scorebuddy QA
  8. Convin
  9. Playvox
  10. Maestro QA
  11. LevelAI
  12. Klausapp

Editor's note:

This guide provides in-depth looks at each contender, helping you find the perfect fit for your contact center. But remember, the best choice is the one that aligns with your unique goals and team, so explore those demos and ask how these solutions can help you accomplish your specific goals.

1. AmplifAI

AmplifAI call center QA software
AmplifAI call center QA software

What makes AmplifAI the Best Call Center QA Software of 2024?

AmplifAI offers a robust call center QA software that transforms traditional call center QA into a powerful engine for performance improvement, leveraging AI-driven insights and integrated coaching to elevate CX and drive business results.

See AmplifAI in Action >

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Performance Insights: AmplifAI goes beyond basic scoring by integrating your QA data with CRM data, call transcripts, and other performance metrics. This holistic view empowers you to identify the root causes of customer satisfaction issues and pinpoint areas where agent performance impacts key business goals.
  • Auto QA for Scaled Efficiency: Don't get bogged down in manual review of every interaction. AmplifAI's AI-powered automation prioritizes your time. Easy interactions are auto-scored, freeing your team to focus on complex calls and coaching opportunities. This is especially valuable for large or fast-growing contact centers.
  • Quality-Driven Coaching: AmplifAI seamlessly connects QA data with targeted coaching. Auto-fail flags and low scores automatically trigger opportunities for coaching, ensuring agents receive the focused guidance they need to improve.
  • Calibration Workflows: Ensure consistent and fair evaluation across your team. AmplifAI's calibration workflows eliminate subjective scoring by establishing clear guidelines and benchmarks. This builds trust with agents and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding performance expectations.
  • Cutting-Edge AI: AmplifAI stays ahead of the curve with its integration of Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI. This cutting-edge technology powers advanced call summaries, sentiment analysis, and a deeper understanding of interactions.
  • Robust Integrations: AmplifAI boasts over 150 integrations, seamlessly connecting your QA data with CRMs, flat files, telephony systems, and other essential tools in real-time. This adaptability ensures it fits seamlessly into complex contact center environments.

Standout Feature

AmplifAI sets itself apart as employee-centric with comprehensive integration capabilities and High Performer Personas which leverage AI-driven insights to deliver precision coaching and transform overall call center performance.

Ideal For

  • Contact centers seeking a data-driven QA approach to improving CX and overall performance.
  • Leaders focused on streamlining QA processes and maximizing the value of their QA data.
  • Organizations looking to move beyond subjective evaluations and establish a culture of fair and motivating coaching.


  • Contact centers with less than 15 agents may find AmplifAI exceeds their requirements. Contact centers with 16+ agents see the most ROI from AmplifAI
  • AmplifAI is designed to be a strategic partner, a centerpiece of your contact center's performance improvement strategy. Organizations that see the value in leveraging data-driven coaching and AI automation will see the greatest return on their investment.


AmplifAI is a strong choice for employee-centric contact centers seeking a call center qa software with a cutting-edge, comprehensive, and AI-Enabled approach to QA. Its focus on data-driven insights, automated workflows, integrated coaching, and industry-leading Generative AI LLM technology has earned it recognition in the 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle as Transformational Everyday AI. AmplifAI's impressive 4.8-star rating, 200,000+ users, impressive roster of 150+ Enterprise brands and BPOs make AmplifAI the top choice on our list for the best call center QA software.

2. Nice CXone

Nice CXOne call center QA software
Nice CXOne call center QA software

What makes Nice CXOne one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024?

NICE CXone is a comprehensive cloud contact center platform offering vast functionality, including a suite of call center QA software tools. Designed for large-scale enterprise environments, it aims to provide a unified solution for managing complex customer interactions. Visit NICE CXone

Key Features

  • Extensive QM Functionality: NICE CXone includes features for call recording, omnichannel interaction monitoring, customizable scorecards, and performance analytics.
  • Unified Platform: As a centralized solution, NICE CXone integrates QA data with a wide range of other contact center functions and data sources.
  • Advanced Analytics: The platform offers reporting tools and dashboards to visualize QA metrics, performance trends, and operational insights.
  • Workforce Optimization (WFO): NICE CXone goes beyond basic QA with features for workforce management, forecasting, and scheduling optimization.

Ideal For

  • Large enterprise contact centers with complex technology stacks and significant needs in workforce optimization.
  • Organizations requiring a unified platform managing numerous contact center functions beyond core quality assurance.
  • Contact centers with extensive resources for managing the implementation and customization of a comprehensive solution.


  • For Enterprise contact centers leveraging all of the tools Nice CXone has to offer.
  • May be out of reach in cost for medium sized contact centers.


NICE CXone offers a robust suite of QA tools as part of its enterprise-grade contact center solution.

3. CallMiner

CallMiner call center QA software
CallMiner call center QA software

What makes CallMiner one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024?

CallMiner is a full featured call center QA software that places a strong emphasis on in-depth conversation analytics to drive quality management, performance insight, and compliance adherence across contact centers. It offers a suite of tools designed to mine customer conversations for valuable trends and patterns. Visit CallMiner

Key Features

  • Conversation Analytics: CallMiner excels at deep analysis of call transcripts (and other channels), leveraging AI to uncover trends, insights into customer sentiment, and identify language patterns.
  • Compliance Monitoring: CallMiner offers features aimed specifically at ensuring regulatory compliance, with tools to flag potential issues and monitor sensitive interactions.
  • Omnichannel Analysis: CallMiner gathers and analyzes interaction data from multiple channels, including voice calls, chat, and email, providing a unified view of customer experience.
  • Automated Scoring: The platform automates some scoring tasks, saving time and providing a foundation for identifying coaching opportunities.

Standout Feature

CallMiner excels in deep conversational analytics, offering unparalleled insights into customer sentiment that empower contact centers to significantly enhance compliance and quality management.

Ideal For

  • Contact centers with a heavy emphasis on regulatory compliance, especially those with strict adherence requirements.
  • Organizations seeking deep insights into customer sentiment and conversational patterns for broader product or marketing initiatives.
  • Contact centers handling a high volume of interactions across diverse channels (voice, chat, email, etc.)


  • Contact centers focused on employee-centric performance coaching may find CallMiner's analytics depth exceeds their needs compared to a platform with tighter integration between data and coaching workflows.
  • Those prioritizing ease of use over granular customization might prefer a solution with a more streamlined user experience.


CallMiner offers a comprehensive call center QA software that excels in conversation analytics and compliance oversight. Utilizing advanced AI, it provides deep insights into customer interactions across multiple channels, enhancing decision-making and regulatory adherence in complex contact center environments.

4. Talkdesk

Talkdesk call center QA software
Talkdesk call center QA software

What makes Talkdesk one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024?

Talkdesk is a comprehensive cloud-based contact center platform offering a wide range of features, including a quality management (QM) suite. Their QM tools provide capabilities for call monitoring, scoring, analytics, and coaching. Visit Talkdesk

Key Feature

  • Integrated QM: Talkdesk's QM functionality is tightly integrated within their broader contact center platform, providing a centralized solution.
  • Call Recording and Scoring: The platform allows for call recording, creation of customizable scorecards, and evaluation of agent performance.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: Talkdesk includes reporting tools and dashboards to visualize QA metrics and performance trends.
  • Coaching and Feedback: Supervisors can use the QM features to provide targeted coaching and feedback to agents.

Ideal For

  • Contact centers seeking a fully integrated contact center platform where QM is one component of a broader suite of tools.
  • Organizations already using other Talkdesk solutions and looking to consolidate their technology stack.
  • Larger contact centers that may benefit from the convenience of a centralized, all-in-one platform.


  • Contact centers prioritizing the most cutting-edge AI-driven insights or highly specialized QA features, may find a dedicated platform like AmplifAI offers deeper capabilities in that specific domain.
  • For organizations not already using Talkdesk, adopting their QM solution might be less cost-effective than integrating a specialized QA platform with existing systems.


Talkdesk offers a top quality call center QA software well-suited for organizations seeking the convenience of a fully integrated contact center platform.

5. call center QA software call center QA software

What makes one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024? provides a feature-rich platform that leverages AI to enhance call center QA through automated scoring and detailed analytics. specializes in real-time speech analytics, which allows for immediate feedback and coaching opportunities during live calls. It also offers robust compliance tracking and agent performance management tools. Visit

Key Features

  • Real-Time Speech Analytics: The platform's strength lies in its ability to analyze speech as it happens, offering immediate insights that can help improve agent-customer interactions on the fly.
  • Automated QA Scoring: With AI-driven automated scoring, Observe.AI aims to reduce the manual workload, allowing team leaders to focus more on strategic initiatives rather than routine score tabulation.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: The software includes comprehensive tools to ensure compliance with industry standards and minimize risk through meticulous monitoring.

Standout Feature leads with its real-time speech analytics, providing immediate feedback and automated QA scoring that enhance compliance and risk management dynamically.

Ideal For

  • Contact centers that require strong real-time analytics to provide immediate coaching and feedback.
  • Organizations that prioritize compliance and risk management within their customer service operations.


  • integrates well with existing systems and provides agents with very useful feedback and quality analytics.
  • A strong focus on real-time analytics and automated AI coachings.

Overall is a powerful solution for contact centers looking to leverage real-time speech analytics and automated QA features.

6. Scorebuddy QA

Scorebuddy QA call center QA software
Scorebuddy QA call center QA software

What makes Scorebuddy QA one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024?

Scorebuddy QA is a cloud-based call center QA software designed to bring simplicity and agent empowerment to the QA process. It offers features for scoring interactions, providing agent feedback, and tracking performance trends. Visit Scorebuddy

Key Features

  • Agent Self-Assessments: Scorebuddy encourages agents to participate in the QA process by allowing them to score their own interactions.
  • Simple Scorecards: The platform's focus on ease of use extends to its customizable scorecard creation tools.
  • Visual Dashboards: Scorebuddy provides dashboards and reports for visualizing performance trends and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Coaching Module: The platform includes a coaching module to facilitate feedback and development plans based on QA scores and insights.

Standout Feature

Scorebuddy is noted for its simplicity and affordability, providing streamlined, agent-centric quality assurance tools that are accessible to contact centers of all sizes. (Free trial available)

Ideal For

  • Contact centers seeking a straightforward and budget-friendly QA solution.
  • Organizations that prioritize agent involvement and self-assessment as part of their quality improvement process.
  • Contact centers with less complex QA needs and a desire for a platform that is easy to implement and use.


  • Scorebuddy's feature set is very QA focused with easy to use features.
  • Scorebuddy offers a free trial to test out if their QA is right for you.


Scorebuddy is a user-friendly QA solution for organizations that prioritize simplicity, agent self-evaluation, and affordability.

7. call center QA software call center QA software

What makes one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024? is a contact center software solution focused on real-time agent guidance and conversational assistance. Its "QA Copilot" functionality improves agent performance during live interactions with AI-powered insights and suggestions. Visit

Key Features

  • QA Copilot: Balto's core feature provides real-time prompts and suggestions to agents during calls, helping them adhere to scripts, address objections, and improve compliance.
  • Conversation Analysis: The platform analyzes calls and provides scores based on agent adherence to best practices and compliance guidelines.
  • Real-Time Coaching: Supervisors can use Balto's live monitoring capabilities to offer in-the-moment coaching and guidance during calls.
  • Performance Dashboards: Balto includes dashboards and reports to visualize agent performance trends and identify areas for targeted development.

Standout Feature is renowned for its Real-Time Agent Assist feature, offering live conversational guidance that helps agents improve compliance and customer interaction during calls.

Ideal For

  • Contact centers with a heavy focus on real-time call quality and script adherence.
  • Organizations seeking to boost sales conversion or success rates through real-time agent support.
  • Contact centers prioritizing rapid improvement of new agent effectiveness during their onboarding period.


  • Balto's emphasis on real-time guidance is very advantageous in overall QA monitoring and compliance
  • Balto is a great choice for contact centers looking for full QA automation.


Balto offers a solution tailored specifically to improving agent performance during live conversations. Its focus on real-time support and guidance can be particularly valuable for sales-driven environments and organizations with a high volume of new agents.


Convin call center QA software
Convin call center QA software

What makes one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024? is a call center QA software solution focused on conversation analysis, offering features designed to improve agent performance and streamline the quality assurance process. Visit

Key Features

  • Conversation Analytics:'s core strength lies in its ability to analyze conversations for compliance, keywords, and patterns. This helps identify potential problem areas and training opportunities.
  • Automated Scoring: The platform can automate some aspects of call scoring, reducing the manual workload for QA teams.
  • Coaching Module: includes a coaching module to facilitate feedback and targeted learning based on the QA findings.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: Visualizations and customizable reports help track performance trends and analyze QA data.

Standout Feature excels with its precision in conversation analytics, uniquely identifying performance gaps and training opportunities through its automated analysis and scoring capabilities, significantly refining the quality assurance cycle.

Ideal For

  • Contact centers with a strong emphasis on compliance and adherence to specific scripts or processes.
  • Organizations looking to improve agent performance through targeted coaching based on call analytics.
  • Contact centers that may benefit from an out-of-the-box QA solution with less complex setup than some competitors.


  •'s feature set may be less robust than solutions that offer advanced AI capabilities and deep integrations with other contact center systems.
  • Convin's focus on conversation analysis is a valuable tool in ensuring compliance and quality assured interactions with customers.

Overall is a solid option for contact centers looking for a solution specializing in compliance monitoring, conversational analysis, and integrated coaching workflows. Its emphasis on user-friendliness and actionable insights can help teams improve agent performance and quality outcomes.

9. Playvox

Playvox call center QA software
Playvox call center QA software

What makes Playvox one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024?

Playvox is a contact center workforce management (WFM) platform offering a suite of tools that includes call center quality assurance (QA) features. Designed with ease of use in mind, it aims to streamline the QA process and boost agent engagement through gamification. Visit Playvox

Key Feature

  • Integrated WFM and QA: Playvox's core strength lies in its combination of quality assurance capabilities with workforce management tools like scheduling and forecasting.
  • Gamification: The platform includes gamification elements like leaderboards and badges to motivate agents and improve adherence to best practices.
  • Automated QA: Playvox offers AI-powered features to automate some scoring and identify coaching opportunities, reducing manual workload.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Playvox emphasizes ease of use and a streamlined setup process.

Standout Feature

Playvox differentiates itself with an innovative call center gamification strategy, which engages agents by incorporating competitive elements that boost productivity and adherence to best practices.

Ideal For

  • Contact centers seeking a combined WFM and QA solution with a focus on simplicity and agent engagement.
  • Organizations that prioritize gamification as a key driver of agent performance improvement.
  • Contact centers that may benefit from an all-in-one platform over integrating separate, potentially more complex solutions.


  • Contact centers seeking to add gamification elements to their QA will find Playvox has a robust suite of engagement tools.
  • Playvox offers both call center QA and workforce management features.


Playvox is a feature rich option for contact centers looking for integrated WFM and QA functionality with a focus on ease of use and gamification. Its streamlined approach and emphasis on agent engagement though Gamification can be valuable assets for the right organization.

10. MaestroQA

MaestroQA call center QA software
MaestroQA call center QA software

What makes MaestroQA one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024?

MaestroQA call center QA software shines as a quality assurance platform that supports detailed and actionable insights into customer interactions through robust analytics and targeted feedback mechanisms. It excels in providing tools that facilitate precise measurement of service quality and fosters an environment of continuous improvement without relying heavily on automation. Visit MaestroQA

Key Features

  • Granular Analytics: Offers detailed insights into customer interactions, helping to pinpoint areas for agent improvement with precision.
  • Feedback Loops: Facilitates effective feedback mechanisms that encourage open communication and continuous learning among agents and supervisors.
  • Quality Calibration: Ensures consistency in scoring across teams through advanced calibration tools, maintaining high quality standards.

Standout Feature

Maestro QA excels in providing detailed analytics and structured feedback, enabling precise and consistent evaluations across team interactions.

Ideal For

  • Organizations that seek to maintain a high degree of manual control and oversight over their QA processes while still benefiting from insightful data analytics.
  • Teams that emphasize consistent and fair evaluation practices across all customer interactions.


  • MaestroQA focuses on enhancing the precision and reliability of QA evaluations but may require more manual effort in scoring and feedback compared to more automated solutions.
  • MaestroQA puts a strong emphasis on analytics and manual feedback .


MaestroQA is optimal for contact centers that value detailed analytics and structured feedback within a more traditionally managed QA framework. It offers powerful tools for enhancing interaction quality making it suitable for centers that prefer a hands-on approach to quality assurance.

11. Level AI

LevelAI call center QA software
LevelAI call center QA software

What makes LevelAI one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024?

LevelAI markets itself as a leader in Call Center QA Software, offering tools designed to enhance agent performance through real-time analytics and feedback. LevelAI brings some very noteworthy capabilities to the table, particularly in leveraging AI to provide actionable insights during customer interactions. Visit LevelAI

Key Features

  • Real-Time Analytics: LevelAI provides agents and managers with real-time insights during calls, which can help in making immediate adjustments to enhance customer interactions.
  • Feedback Automation: The platform automates feedback based on performance metrics, aiming to streamline the coaching process and ensure timely intervention.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Utilizing AI, LevelAI analyzes communications to identify trends and suggest improvements, supporting continuous learning and adaptation.

Standout Feature

LevelAI offers notable real-time analytics and automated feedback, supporting immediate enhancements in customer interactions with AI-driven insights.

Ideal For

  • Call centers that need real-time data to dynamically improve agent-customer interactions.
  • Organizations looking to automate parts of the feedback process, thus freeing up managerial time for more strategic tasks.


  • LevelAI offers strong tools for real-time interaction analysis and call center QA.
  • The emphasis on automation and real-time analytics may not satisfy centers that prioritize detailed, human-centric coaching and long-term developmental strategies.


LevelAI is a solid option for contact centers that prioritize immediate analytical insights and automated feedback.

12. Klausapp

Klausapp call center QA software
Klausapp call center QA software

What makes Klausapp one of the best Call Center QA software tools of 2024?

Klausapp is a conversation review and call center QA software designed specifically for improving customer support quality through detailed interaction scoring and feedback. It focuses on enhancing the internal quality of service by facilitating targeted, conversation-specific feedback between team members. Visit Klausapp

Key Features

  • Interaction Scoring: Klaus allows for granular evaluation of customer support interactions, which can be customized to meet specific team or organizational standards.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: The platform promotes continuous improvement by enabling direct feedback within the team, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Provides comprehensive analytics that highlight trends and areas for improvement, supporting data-driven decisions in quality management.

Standout Feature

Klausapp focuses on improving customer support through detailed interaction scoring and collaborative team-based feedback, ideal for fostering a culture of continuous quality improvement.

Ideal For

  • Support teams looking for a focused tool to enhance the quality of customer interactions through detailed reviews and collaborative feedback.
  • Organizations that value a culture of continuous feedback and improvement in their customer support operations.


  • Klaus is primarily tailored for customer support teams, and its specialized focus might not fully address the broader needs of larger contact centers that require extensive integration with other operational tools.
  • While it offers strong analytics and feedback tools, larger operations might require additional features for complete QA and performance management.


Klausapp recently acquired by Zendesk is a call center QA software well-suited for teams dedicated to improving customer support quality through structured feedback and detailed interaction analysis.


Call center quality assurance (QA) software is varied, designed to meet a broad spectrum of needs, budgets, and operational complexities. When choosing the appropriate solution for your contact center, consider these essential factors:

  • Size and Scope: The right QA software should align with the scale of your operations, offering either streamlined functionality for straightforward needs or comprehensive integration capabilities for more complex systems.
  • AI Capabilities: The level of AI integration can significantly affect the functionality of QA software. Some platforms focus on providing deep, actionable insights through advanced analytics, while others may utilize a more basic AI setup. Evaluate the type of AI application that best suits your operational needs.
  • Features vs. Focus: Determine whether you require a robust, integrated system that covers various aspects of contact center operations or if a more focused QA tool with specific advanced features better aligns with your strategic goals.

Making an informed decision requires a thorough understanding of your center's specific requirements and how different QA solutions can meet these needs effectively.

The Right Fit Matters

Ultimately, the best call center QA software is the one that aligns with your contact center's specific goals, budget, and team structure. We encourage you to take demo's and free trials of call center QA software we've featured where they're offered.

If you need assistance in conducting a full comparison of features please don't hesitate to reach out and setup a meeting with our team!

Editor's Note: While AmplifAI strives to provide balanced software reviews, we also acknowledge our position as a leader in call center QA software.

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Improved Performance & Customer Experience
Month over month gains in Issue Resolution,
FCR and NPS;
Month over month reductions in Handle times,
ACW and Hold
Winning additional client headcount
30% improvement in sales conversion
Retaining talented people
8-point reduction in turnover
Improving financial performance
10% increase in utilization


The future of success in your contact center is contingent on how you impact performance in ways that are both immediate and sustainable. And it doesn’t matter whether your agents are on-site, at-home, full-time, part-time, or temporary – you must deliver on performance.

Coaching is one of the most significant tools we can use to deliver on the engagement and performance of our people – but we must develop our processes, our people and leadership skills, and our technology tools, in order to overthrow the pervasive challenges to achieving greater coaching effectiveness and supercharging contact center performance!

Unlock the potential of your employees and skyrocket your ROI with cutting-edge coaching.

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