The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

Top 3
Partner Ranking
Overall Increase in Coaching Effectiveness


A large BPO was struggling across its client scorecard and was at risk of losing volume with the client exiting a site. Immediate performance improvement was needed. They wanted to:

  1. Alert supervisors when negative surveys were received
  2. Provide recommendations to supervisors on who to coach to improve scorecard metrics

Pain Points

  • Supervisors were unable to determine which behaviors to coach
  • Self-directed coaching efforts took significant amount of time
  • Frontline agents were not being coached in a timely manner based on their needs

Performance improved dramatically across two sites with AmplifAI Recommended Actions

“Agents are always made aware of their current metrics and management saves time and resources as AmplifAI recommends actions reducing the need to review reporting from multiple systems.”

Client Services VP, Top 3 North American Telecom via BPO

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