Genesys + AmplifAI

AI-Driven Performance Enablement for Genesys Users

AmplifAI’s integration continuously improves frontline associate and leader performance - from any environment: remote, on-premise or a mix of both!

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Focused Teams.

Focused, engaged frontline teams start every day connected to the personalized data, actions and behaviors that enable world-class sales and service - pushing them towards excellence and away from the exit.

Comprehensive Data Integration
Process Mapping
Role-Based Visualizations
Data-Driven Coaching

Effective Leaders & Actions.

Frontline leaders are supercharged by data-driven actions that guide their teams towards optimal performance, enabling the coverage of more associates and customers, without the additional costly leader expenses.

Data-Driven Coaching
Automated Analysis
Personalized Micro-Learning
Role-Based Visualizations

Adaptive Personas

Power high-performing frontline teams with Adaptive Personas that model your operation's top frontline associates and managers - revealing the winning actions, behaviors and patterns hidden in your operational big data.

Leader Effectiveness
Action Effectiveness
Performance Correlations
Automated Analysis

Winning Operations.

As associates, leaders and teams achieve higher sales, better service and offer superior experiences, their winning actions are shared across the enterprise - scaling the positive impact experienced by high performing teams.

Health Care & Hospital Systems
Financial Services
Revenue Cycle Mangement
Genesys + AmplifAI

About Genesys

Every year, Genesys® delivers more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organizations in over 100 countries. Through the power of the cloud and AI, their technology connects every customer moment across marketing, sales and service on any channel, while also improving employee experiences. Genesys pioneered Experience as a Service℠ so organizations of any size can provide true personalization at scale, interact with empathy, and foster customer trust and loyalty. This is enabled by Genesys Cloud™, an all-in-one solution and the world's leading public cloud contact center platform, designed for rapid innovation, scalability and flexibility.

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