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AmplifAI Closes $18.5M Series A

Robert Cowlishaw
Robert Cowlishaw
Head of Product Marketing
AmplifAI Closes $18.5M Series A

Earlier today, we announced the close of an $18.5 million Series A financing led by Greycroft. We’re excited to add Greycroft to our list of investors – which includes LiveOak Venture Partners, Dallas Venture Capital and Capital Factory. Read about the funding details below in VentureBeat, and view the full press release on BusinessWire.

AmplifAI’s data-powered people enablement platform gets a $18.5M investment

VentureBeat - John Paul Titlow

Can artificial intelligence and data inspire employees to perform at their very best? If you ask Sean Minter, CEO and founder of the data-driven people enablement platform AmplifAI, the answer is an unequivocal yes. And as of today, the six-year-old startup has a lot more cash on hand to help it make the case for an AI-enhanced human workforce.

“Our view of AI is that it isn’t here to replace people,” Minter said. “We use AI to enable people to become better at what they do, and let AI become their trainer and their coach.”

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AmplifAI Closes $18.5M Series A to Empower Employee-Centric Enterprises, led by Greycroft

BusinessWire - Press Release

  • The only comprehensive data-driven people enablement platform for enterprises is set to build upon its category-defining innovation
  • Self-learning platform monitors data and learns high-performing employees’ skills and behaviors, creating personalized development actions for every employee
  • User base has grown by 10x over the last 12 months; new funding allows for further expansion with deployments in 16 different countries

PLANO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AmplifAI, the leading People Enablement Platform for employee-focused enterprises, today announced the closing of $18.5 million in Series A funding led by Greycroft along with continued participation by LiveOak Venture Partners, Dallas Venture Partners and Capital Factory. The Series A funding round is allocated into $12.5 million of equity funding and $6 million in venture debt from Comerica Bank.

The new capital will be used to further secure AmplifAI’s position as the most comprehensive and innovative employee enablement platform for hybrid enterprises; driving product improvements and innovation that continue to define the category, transform the way companies develop employees and elevate enterprises that are people-centric.

“We created the category of AI-powered people enablement and continue to prioritize continuous improvement and innovation to maintain our industry leadership,” AmplifAI founder and CEO Sean Minter said. “This investment aligns with our objectives to enable every organization to better use data to maximize employee and organizational performance.”

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Robert Cowlishaw

Robert Cowlishaw

Head of Product Marketing
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