The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

Reduction in AHT
Increase in Coaching


The operations team received multiple reports and dashboards with data across many different KPIs. Supervisors were spending too much time manually analyzing data and trying to determine coaching actions instead of engaging with and coaching agents. Their leaders wanted:

  1. Easy to see and understand performance data and where everyone stood against goals, their team and program
  2. System generated intelligent coaching actions and recommendations for supervisors
  3. A better understanding of the effectiveness of coaching
  4. Gamification to drive team engagement and competition

Previous Pain Points

  • Inability to meet monthly AHT goals caused lost revenue and reduced profitability
  • Lots of tools and manual processes reduced time for coaching
  • Supervisors were not able to determine agent specific actions and insights for coaching
  • Difficult to engage, motivate and coach agents and supervisors in a remote work environment

AHT reduced 8.7% in 3 months post AmplifAI

“AmplifAI helped create easy to understand agent, supervisor and leadership dashboards that integrated all performance into one single tool. The system automatically created coaching and recognition tasks which allowed our supervisors to spend 40% less time reviewing data; this allowed them to spend more time coaching and recognizing team members. The solution allowed us to drastically increase the volume and quality of coaching and recognition as well as focus coaching on agent specific performance metrics and behaviors in their coaching sessions. The result was significant improvement in AHT.”

Director of Operations, BPO Director for North American Telecom Enterprise

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