Top telecom firm reduced AHT by 8.7% and improved NPS over 3 months

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Top telecom firm reduced AHT by 8.7% and improved NPS over 3 months
Reduction in AHT
Increase in Coaching


The operation’s existing setup didn’t incorporate all relevant data to understand agents' performance. Data was scattered across multiple tools which made it hard to understand needs and enhancement opportunities. Supervisors were spending too much time manually analyzing data instead of engaging with and coaching agents. Their leaders wanted:

  1. All relevant performance data visualized in one place
  2. One comprehensive platform creating efficiency gains
  3. Measurable impact of coaching on performance metrics

Previous Pain Points

  • Inability to meet monthly AHT goals caused lost revenue
  • Lots of tools and manual processes reduced time for coaching
  • Ineffective coaching due to lack of intelligent insights

AHT reduced 8.7% in 3 months post AmplifAI

“AmplifAI helped us integrate all performance relevant data into one single tool which allowed our supervisor easily identify enhancement opportunities and spend their time more efficiently with their agents. The solution allowed us to drastically increase the volume of coaching sessions and focus on performance metrics in their coaching sessions. The result was significant improvement in AHT.”

Director of Operations, Top 3 North American Telecom Enterprise

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