How Thrasio Consistently Delivers Exceptional Customer Service for 190+ Brands

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How Thrasio Consistently Delivers Exceptional Customer Service for 190+ Brands
600% More Coachings
Less time on analysis, means more time coaching
Shrinks FRT by 4 Hours
First Response Time reduced by 71% reduction
58% Faster Issue Resolution
Full Resolution Time reduced by over an hour

Providing an Exceptional Customer Experience for 190+ Brands

Thrasio is revolutionizing the consumer goods industry, transforming how the world's most popular online marketplace products become accessible to all. Their approach is driven by a profound understanding of rankings, ratings, and reviews, allowing them to identify and acquire high-quality brands known for their cherished products. Thrasio harnesses the power of data science, logistical expertise, and savvy marketing strategies to not only expand product lines but also connect these brands with customers worldwide.

With each brand Thrasio nurtures, every item listing they enhance, and each new product they create, their mission is clear: to empower people worldwide to seize every moment. As a testament to Thrasio’s impact, they estimate that one in six households in the United States has chosen to enrich their lives with a Thrasio product.

However, this remarkable business growth brings its own set of challenges. Delivering exceptional customer support for a diverse array of products spanning numerous industries demands a well-established foundation in leadership training, which they've found through NXT Generation Training. Additionally, they rely on cutting-edge call center technology provided by AmplifAI to navigate the complexities of their customer support needs.

Manual Reporting Processes Limits Time for Agent Coachings

To keep up with Thrasio’s growing portfolio – and exponentially increasing customer base – the frontline call center teams needed to maximize the performance and productivity of each agent.

This required a lot of manual work. Team leaders were documenting, monitoring, and tracking all of their agent feedback on their own. Not only did this take a lot of time for the team leaders, it also made it difficult to provide timely feedback

Thrasio knows agent coaching is critical to their success. Unfortunately, team leaders – already working against the clock – often didn’t have the time to create coaching plans tailored to each agent’s strengths and struggles. This meant the coaching sessions were often directed at more generalized KPI goals and targets as opposed to an individual’s specific performance barriers.  

On top of all that, Thrasio’s teams lacked a way to ensure all coaching sessions were performed consistently across all teams, and there wasn’t a data-driven way to know if the coachings were even effective in achieving their goal.

Thrasio knew a robust and sophisticated coaching program could make huge impacts across their organization. However, their existing coaching processes fell short of achieving this ambitious goal.

A Top-Down Approach to Creating a Culture of Coaching

In Q2 2022, Thrasio embarked on a transformative journey by integrating AmplifAI into its operations. AmplifAI, renowned for its AI-driven performance enablement and coaching solution tailored for enterprise teams, proved to be the ideal solution for addressing the challenges posed by Thrasio's extensive portfolio.

However, recognizing that technology alone could not drive this profound change in their coaching program, Thrasio took a strategic top-down approach.

In tandem with AmplifAI's implementation, Thrasio forged a partnership with NXT Generation Training, specialists in hands-on leadership, management, and coaching training for people leaders. This partnership ensured that Thrasio's new coaching culture would be instilled from the highest echelons of the organization.

As is often the case with new initiatives, the adoption of AmplifAI's platform and the integration of NXT Gen's training were not instant fixes. Given Thrasio's prior manual processes, which varied from coach to coach, initial perceptions were that the new coaching methods appeared more complex.

However, within just a few weeks of utilizing AmplifAI and benefiting from NXT Gen's expertise, users were left pondering how they had ever managed their daily tasks without these tools.

Impressively, NXT Gen promptly identified several critical performance gaps and provided Thrasio's leadership with a clear, step-by-step plan for improvement. As for AmplifAI, Josephine Lee, Operations Manager at Thrasio, initially harbored doubts but soon became a vocal advocate for the AI platform. She remarked, "We used to rely on an array of disparate tools, but AmplifAI has streamlined our processes, becoming our singular source of truth."

Before long, the entire organization was witnessing the profound impact that AmplifAI and NXT Gen were making in shaping the evolution of Thrasio's coaching program.

Better Coaching Leads to Dramatic Improvement in All Key Metrics

While Thrasio sets goals for many KPIs, there are three in particular that stand out: coachings per month, First Reply Time, and Full Resolution Time. 

The company wanted to know the impact AmplifAI and NXT Gen had on these key metrics, so they decided to compare the results of Q4 2021 to Q4 2022. This ensured all team members were fully onboarded with the AI coaching platform. 

Plus, when it comes to retail and consumer goods, Q4’s holiday season makes for one of the busiest times of the year. Thrasio knew this would be the ultimate test of their improved coaching program

600% Increase in Coachings Per Month

After the initial ramp-up period, Thrasio’s team leaders began to experience significant time savings and increased productivity. With reduced time spent on data analysis, they had more resources to dedicate to coaching.

In Q4 2021, Thrasio’s employees received an average of only 1.5 coaching sessions per month. However, in Q4 2022, this number skyrocketed to an astonishing 10.7 coachings per employee per month, marking a remarkable 600% increase. This substantial uptick in coachings equated to 9.2 more coachings per employee.

This increase in coaching not only meant that employees received more support but also translated into a substantial improvement in individual performance, ultimately leading to heightened customer satisfaction.

AmplifAI played a pivotal role in this transformation by providing team leaders with immediate and seamless data insights about their team members. This not only saved leaders a considerable amount of time that would have been spent on data analysis but also equipped them with valuable insights to create personalized coaching plans.

First Reply Time Decreases Over 71%

First Reply Time (FRT) holds immense significance as it directly influences the customer experience. Timely responses by agents are paramount, as they have a direct bearing on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores. Thanks to the comprehensive analytics provided by AmplifAI and the targeted leadership training from NXT Gen, team leaders were empowered to fine-tune their coaching sessions, addressing the specific challenges each agent faced with regard to First Reply Time.

To put this progress into perspective, in Q1 2021, it took an average of 4.43 hours for a customer to receive a response. However, in 2022, this metric witnessed a significant drop, with customers now getting responses in just 1.23 hours. This notable achievement is attributed directly to the personalized and more frequent coaching sessions, resulting in a remarkable FRT decrease of over 70%.

Full Resolution Time Improves 58%

While responding to a customer’s request quickly is important, it’s equally important to resolve the customer’s issue in a timely manner. Thrasio tracks this as Full Resolution Time – the time it takes to fully solve a customer issue. 

Coaching focused on improving Full Resolution Time and tailored to each agent was powerful. In Q4 2021, the Full Resolution Time took 2.17 hours on average. After implementing AmplifAI and NXT Gen, team leaders could pinpoint specific problem areas and create effective coaching plans. This led to a new Full Resolution Time of just 0.9 hours. That’s a 58% improvement year over year!

Thrasio continues to see improvement across all of their KPIs. In fact, the company has actually needed to raise their goals to keep up as employees continue to reach and surpass their targets.

Coaching Program Drives Positive Results Across All 190+ Brands

Supporting a diverse portfolio of over 190 brands necessitates frontline agents' proficiency in a wide array of products and industries. This demand becomes even more pronounced for team leaders, who must grasp the intricacies of each agent's responsibilities within their teams.

Thrasio not only acknowledges these challenges but also takes proactive steps to empower every individual with the necessary tools for success.

In a business where effective communication is paramount, NXT Generation Training has made a profound impact on individuals at all organizational levels. Effective leadership translates to effective coaching, and NXT Gen's emphasis on repeatable coaching processes, leadership principles, and a unified coaching language has laid a robust coaching foundation.

Building upon this solid groundwork, AmplifAI equips Thrasio to scale their efforts and achieve remarkable results from small teams.

Beaver Ulgasan, Senior Operations Manager at Thrasio, attests to the significant impact of AmplifAI: 'The impact of AmplifAI is immense. It simplifies the complexity inherent in supporting over 190 brands, allowing us to do so efficiently even with small teams. Regardless of the industry or product type, AmplifAI enhances them all.'

While many organizations struggle to deliver consistent customer support for a single product, Thrasio, with the support of AmplifAI and NXT Generation Training, provides world-class customer support for nearly 200 diverse brands, with more on the horizon!


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