Five Steps to Improve Coaching Effectiveness for Frontline Supervisors

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The #1 reason frontline leaders fail at coaching is because of interpersonal skills and 80% of agents who leave, do so because of their direct supervisor. Effective coaching is the best way to sustain and improve agent performance.

How can supervisors effectively coach frontline employees in the hybrid work model? How can you achieve this while ensuring CX KPIs are delivered, that performance is managed at scale, and compliance standards are met?

Watch David Arellano (Chief Product Officer, AmplifAI), Saurabh Bhaskar (Sr. Vice President of Operations, iQor), and Anthony Paige (Director Training & Quality, iQor) discuss the five proven steps to improve coaching effectiveness. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Create and communicate a coaching system.
  2. Train coaches to develop their frontline agents.
  3. Provide visibility into performance and coaching.
  4. Measure coaching effectiveness.
  5. Coach your coaches.

Additionally, you’ll discover how a telecom client has achieved these results through effective coaching:

  • 6x improvement in customer resolution time
  • NPS score increase from 2.5% to 13%
  • 40% more coaching sessions with tracking and accountability

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