The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

30% Better Coaching Efficiency
AI Software Boosts Coaching Efficiency Score
Exceeded NPS Target
Sagility Exceeds Client’s NPS Target During Open Enrollment
Scaled Onboarding Process
BPM Scales Onboarding with Increase of New Hires

Sagility Provides Top-of-the-Line Contact Center Technology & Talent

Sagility is a global leader in BPM services. They are committed to providing high-quality talent and superior outcomes to help their clients become more competitive every day. This means Sagility always leverages the best technology and software to optimize their contact center processes. 

One of these technologies is AmplifAI. AmplifAI’s AI-driven software analyzes data across all frontline associates and teams. It then provides a data-driven action plan to improve each agent’s performance. It also measures the coaching efficiency of each call center supervisor. 

The BPM currently supports one of America’s largest health insurance companies. When it comes to customer support, health insurance companies don’t always have a great reputation. Sagility was confident they could provide an excellent customer experience. 

Healthcare BPM Uses Coaching Efficiency to Drive High NPS 

While there are many factors to measure customer experience, the healthcare company was most interested in Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

A traditional NPS asks customers how likely they are to recommend this company to their friends, family, or colleagues. The higher the NPS, the more likely a customer will stick with this company. The lower the score, the more likely customers will look for alternative providers. 

Tracking NPS gives health insurance companies a way to identify problem areas early. And as organizations revise current processes, a consistently tracked NPS score can show how these changes impact their customers.  

Some call center KPIs are more straightforward than others. For instance, some frontline agents might have a high average handle time (AHT). In this case, supervisors can help identify ways to shorten the length of calls. This could mean simplifying the ticket reporting process or automating some initial questions for support calls. 

But a low NPS score can come from any number of factors. It could mean there was a long wait time; the agent wasn’t pleasant on the phone; a previous issue hasn’t been resolved as quickly as possible; or the customer wasn’t satisfied with the outcome of the insurance claim. Or – more likely – it could be a combination of multiple factors. 

The best way to tackle a low NPS is to ensure the contact center’s supervisors are coaching all metrics to their best ability. 

Sagility turned to AmplifAI. The AI software measures the coaching efficiency of their supervisors across the different KPIs. Then AmplifAI provides specific actions to improve the supervisors’ coaching efficiency. 

Open Enrollment Poses Challenges to NPS & Overall Efficiency

The Open Enrollment season – typically between November and January – can be a hectic time for the healthcare industry. Most call centers try to bring on additional frontline team members to help with the influx of support needs.  

The increase of new contact center representatives and associates often leads to a decrease in NPS. New associates might not know the company’s typical processes. Trainers’ time is focused more on onboarding and less on coaching veteran agents. This big increase in calls can lead to longer wait times and more complicated support issues. 

Sagility Increases Coaching Effectiveness 30% During Open Enrollment

While Sagility’s client had seen positive results, the BPM knew that Q4’s Open Enrollment period could be challenging. Sagility relied on AmplifAI to help their frontline teams navigate this busy time. 

1. Scaled Onboarding Process

Even with more new hires than normal, AmplifAI’s software helped Sagility maintain their current time to proficiency (TTP). In some cases, Sagility even shortened the time to proficiency of frontline associates.

2. Increased Coaching Effectiveness by 30%

With a significant increase in support calls, making time for coaching can be more difficult. This means each coaching needs to be as efficient as possible. AmplifAI’s AI-driven action plans helped Sagility increase their coaching effectiveness from 77% to 96% – that’s a 30% increase. 

3. Exceeded NPS Target by 7.6%

It’s easy for NPS to take a hit during Open Enrollment season. However, the Sagility team exceeded the NPS target set by their client by 7.6%. The Sagility team knows that coaching efficiency and timely onboarding played a big role in the positive NPS. 

Sagility looks forward to continued success with their health insurance company client. With AmplifAI’s help, the BPM is confident they will continue to deliver superior outcomes and high-quality talent for this client and more organizations in the future.

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