Its hard to collect money for work already performed!

SSM Health decreased write-offs by 55% in only 3 months.

Case Study

SSM Health

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SSM Health is a Catholic, not-for-profit health system serving the comprehensive health needs of communities across the Midwest UnitedStates through a robust and fully integrated health care delivery system. The organization’s nearly 40,000 employees and 11,000 providers are committed to providing exceptional health care services and revealing God’s healing presence to everyone they serve.

SSM Health’s hospital network has had in patient admissions of 185,112, amounting to over 2.07 million outpatient visits. In addition, over 84,000 outpatient surgeries were successful conducted. Across their ministries, SSM Health is committed to continually improving three elements of exceptional care: high quality outcomes, an excellent patient experience, and a safe environment for their patients and staff.

Research is a strong area that SSM Health strives to have influence, whether that is in Myelomeningocele Screening & Outcomes After Open Fetal Surgery or Predicting the Neuro-developmental Outcomes in Survivors of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. These research initiatives allow SSM Health to lead the way for many to live healthier and with increased quality of life. SSM Health continues to invest heavily in next-gen methods and applications to help communities successfully navigate new and challenging health concerns.

SSM Health Overview




SSM Health has a respectful reputation to serve the communities in which it operates. The leadership decided to take a holistic approach in improving the areas in which their patients have the first contact with SSM Health employees. AmplifAI was asked to support SSM Health by improving behaviors and actions of its associates across three areas of business: Technology Service Center (TSC), Patient Financial Services (PFS) and Patient Business Services (PBS).

In order to meet the high expectations and standards of the healthcare industries and health systems, AmplifAI was utilized to improve coaching effectiveness and improve associate performance. This allowed associates to enhance behaviors, such as, empathy and compassion, when speaking with existing and potentially, new patients.

“AmplifAI helped us solve for so many issues as we transitioned to a remote workforce.  Our leaders had clear actions prioritized to business needs and our associates had easy access to their performance data and actions along with connections to best practices.  This was a complete transformation of our operation that improved productivity and performance resulting in a much more significant ROI than expected.”

Carolyn Koenig, Chief Administrative Officer @ SSM Health

Pain Points

  • Manual assessment of reports and metrics reduced time for supervisors to coach associates.
  • Client was disappointed when patients did not pay their outstanding balance
  • Measuring and taking action on productivity was delayed especially with remote work.


AmplifAI is an intelligent contact center solution powered byArtificial Intelligence (AI) that fuels clients’ existing data (CRM, ACD/IVR,Quality, Surveys, Collections and Revenue Management) to auto-generate, performance-relevant actions for frontline agent and team leaders. AmplifAI created personas and learning styles that were unique to each SSM Health agent to improve behaviors and in turn outcomes (e.g.: Quality, Collections, Compliance and Productivity). AmplifAI accomplished this by deploying Machine Learning and AI driven bots for micro-learning, coaching and auto-generated tasks for employees, teams and enterprises.

AmplifAI established a pragmatic approach for clinical and non-clinical SSM Health agents to ensure each patient received the high-quality of service regardless of type of question and the agent resolving the issue. A key focus area for SSM Health was to optimize and fully utilize agents. By constantly adjusting actions, such as, a coaching action or micro-learning action, agents remained active and shifted performance to high-performing distribution.

AmplifAI Features

Performance Bots

AI-Powered Tasks, Coaching and Recognition Bots

Smart Data

Smart Data and Knowledge Processing

Intelligent CC

Intelligent Contact Center Solution Empowering Digital Labor

Coaching Effectiveness

A tailored approach to coaching based on personas of each associate. Managers are measured on impact of the coaching session.

Predictive Performance

Call to action for each persona and metric personalized by each associate to improve metric performance.

Behavioral Insights

Increase performance by improving behavior-based-outcomes using machine learning models.

Measured Success

Within 3 months, SSM Health’s associates and supervisors gained significant performance improvement across many high-visibility metrics. In addition, to improvements in productivity metrics, such as, Contacts Per Day and Tickets to Call Ratio, associates were also able to decrease write-offs by 55%, from $921K to $595K across the organization. In order to improve these metrics, supervisors received auto-generated actions to effectively coach associates on behaviors correlated to associate’s persona. SSM Health benefited from improvement in other metrics that positively shifted the overall distribution of associates.

Currently, AmplifAI is utilized across three major lines of business: Technology Service Center (TSC), Patient Financial Services (PFS) and Patient Business Services (PBS). SSM Health is interested in expanding AmplifAI to all functions of the core business.