The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI


New hires hate getting on-boarded.


One of Arise’s primary, high-valued client wanted to increase speed to proficiency for its new hires. The client is a world-renowned, online hospitality and tourism brand that has 100% remote, contact agents. It wanted to reduce ramp-up time as it wasted valuable time of the new hire onboarding. It also had a rapid expansion in frontline headcount and wanted to enhance supervisory capability increase speed to proficiency for agents in a large ramp. For the new contact agent to be proficient, an agent must master not only the required skills but also, be able to work independently while meeting all the company KPIs.

AmplifAI’s data-driven approach accelerates performance by delivering personalized insights and actions across the enterprise, resulting in dramatically improved business outcomes. In this case, AmplifAI focused on micro-learnings and supervisory actions.

Pain Points

  • New hires demand more meaningful onboarding.
  • Customers expect that every agent (new and old) is an expert.
  • Customers hate when new contact agents spend too much time finding a resolution.


AmplifAI collaborating with Arise were able to significantly improve speed to proficiency of areas where agents were below KPI targets. New hires for the client were able to reduce handle time from previous benchmarks and were able to increase solves per day. This had tremendous savings for the client and AmplifAI continues to expand its presence in this area. A core component of this improvement is through micro-learnings that are pushed to agents that match a persona. An example of a micro-learning that was extremely successful at Arise was Lowering Long Holds. AmplifAI measures the performance of the agent both before and after the micro-learning to ensure the time spent learning a skill is spent wisely.

Coaching Effectiveness

A tailored approach to coaching based on personas of each contact agent. Managers are notified when a coaching session is required and then also measured on the impact of the coaching session.

Speed to Proficiency

Showcasing significant improvement in agent’s mastery of skills to exceed company-wide KPIs. Agents can learn skills independently and meet required goals.

Remote Work Enablement

Integration of a Workforce Management platform improving forecasting, scheduling and live monitoring of agents resulting in better overall utilization of agents (-10.7% in April from prior year).

"Arise has proven a successful AI driven process with AmplifAI for pushing relevant micro-learning content personalized to an agent’s need and one-on-one enhancement sessions for specific skills and behaviors.  A better speed to proficiency for a client is a key lever for Arise in exceeding client expectations."

Judith Rodriguez, Vice President Arise Virtual Solutions

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