Advanced Tech Support Call Center Shows Dramatic Performance Improvement with AmplifAI

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Advanced Tech Support Call Center Shows Dramatic Performance Improvement with AmplifAI
130% Better Scorecard Results
Improved scorecard performance means more pay-for-performance payouts
150% Improvement to CX Metrics
Overall customer experience metrics improved significantly
40% Happier Customers
BPO sees 40% decrease in the number of low CX survey results

BPO Consistently Outperforms Competitor on Partner Scorecard

This global business services company implemented AmplifAI's AI-driven performance enablement platform for one of their advanced tech support (ATS) contact center teams in December 2022. The BPO’s goal was to outperform their competitor on their client’s partner scorecard.

Since implementation, the BPO’s AmplifAI-enabled team achieved remarkable results, improving their performance gap by over 30 points. Today, this call center team not only surpasses their competitor on the partner scorecard but also excels in many other areas.

Better Scorecard Performance Increases Revenue for BPO

In the client scorecard performance, the BPO’s gap to their competitor reversed by over 130%. This resulted in increased pay-for-performance payouts as well as an increase in the client’s market share.

When looking at customer experience, the BPO improved the gap between themselves and their competitor by 150%. Now the BPO leads with stronger customer survey result

ATS Call Center Improves Scorecard and Customer Experience

BPO Delivers Exceptional Customer Support with AmplifAI

With AmplifAI, the BPO has seen a 13% increase in issue resolution. This team is now outperforming a deeply tenured competitor ATS team – achieving the client’s two highest months ever for ATS issue resolution.

But they’re not just resolving issues faster, the team is also improving the customer experience.

The BPO’s client frequently collects and reviews customer surveys. Since adding AmplifAI, this ATS team has decreased the number of bottom two box survey results – the lowest survey results – by 40%. In fact, when looking at agent communication, the BPO has finished in first place over their competitor four times in the last seven months.

ATS call center improves issue resolution and survey results

BPO Continues to Meet and Exceed Engagement Targets

But wait, there’s more!

AmplifAI’s positive impact on this BPO didn’t end there. This particular ATS team is either meeting or exceeding the engagement targets across all levels.

BPO uses AI to increase all engagement metrics


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