The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

Decrease in write-offs
Increase in contacts per day


In order to meet the high expectations and standards of the healthcare industries and health systems, AmplifAI was utilized to improve coaching effectiveness and improve associate performance. They utilized:

  1. AI-powered tasks, coaching & recognition bots
  2. Smart data and knowledge processing
  3. Intelligent contact center solution empowering digital labor

Previous Pain Points

  • Manual assessment of reports and metrics reduced coaching time
  • Client was disappointed when patients did not pay their balance
  • Measuring and action on productivity was delayed especially with WFH

Monthly write-offs decrease over first three months

“AmplifAI helped us solve for so many issues as we transitioned to a remote workforce. Our leaders had clear actions prioritized to business needs and our associates had easy access to their performance data and actions along with connections to best practices. This was a complete transformation of our operation that improved productivity and performance resulting in a much more significant ROI than expected.”

Chief Admin Officer, SSM Health

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