The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

+60 hours
Hours of efficiency gains per month per supervisor
0 hours
Hours needed to determine coaching actions


Supervisors were spending excessive amounts of time reviewing reports from multiple systems which wasted valuable coaching time.  Additionally, they were manually tracking all follow up coaching which delayed follow ups and created inconsistencies in improving agents​. They wanted to:

  1. Have supervisors focus on empowering and motivating frontline associates​
  2. Optimize supervisors’ time and bring consistency in supervisor actions​ ​

Previous Pain Points

  • Team KPIs were measured in different systems​
  • Supervisors spent hours updating organization scorecard​
  • Follow-up coaching activities required manual monitoring​

Reduced time spent to increase supervisor productivity​

Average of 3 hours saved per day:​

  • Role based dashboard for data aggregation and visualization​ ​
  • Auto-generated coaching actions​ ​
  • Monitoring effectiveness of coaching's with follow-up actions  ​
“AmplifAI saved valuable time in quickly providing our supervisors with accurate next steps with who needed to be coached and exactly what they need to be coached on.​”

Senior Operations Director, Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

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