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AmplifAI Secures $3.9M Seed Funding Led by Naya Ventures, LiveOak Venture Partners and Capital Factory

Robert Cowlishaw

We are extremely proud to announce our seed funding of $3.9M led by Naya Ventures, LiveOak Venture Partners and Capital Factory

The Press Release:

AmplifAI Solutions, Inc., the #1 People Enablement platform for enterprise contact centers, announces a $3.9 million seed round of funding with Naya Ventures, LiveOak Venture Partners and Capital Factory. AmplifAI will use the funding to scale marketing, sales and customer success, as well as fund further expansion of the platform.

AmplifAI leverages the power of AI to improve sales and service performance. "AmplifAI provides a data-driven approach to accelerating performance by delivering personalized insights and actions directly to front line employees resulting in dramatically improved business outcomes," said Sean Minter, Founder and CEO.

"AmplifAI's unique approach leverages all of an enterprises' structured and unstructured data with role specific visualizations to drive personalized insights and actions," said Dayakar Puskoor, Managing Director, Naya Ventures, explaining the rationale behind the investment.  "We believe that AmplifAI is a good fit in our enterprise efficiency investment theme and can add immediate value for any business that has a contact center."

"We are excited to add AmplifAI into our portfolio of promising, high-growth companies. The exceptional team, high-value technology and the expanding market opportunity made this a compelling investment for us," said Venu Shamapant, Co-Founder/Partner at LiveOak Venture Partners. "We look forward to helping AmplifAI expand their market presence."

"Sean has a great track record building and scaling technology businesses in the Dallas area and has been involved with the Capital Factory Community for more than a year.  We are delighted to take part in this unique growth opportunity," said Bryan Chambers, VP of Accelerator and Investment Fund.

About AmplifAI Solutions

AmplifAI's industry leading Performance Acceleration Platform leverages the power of AI to improve sales and service performance. AmplifAI's data-driven approach accelerates performance by delivering personalized insights and actions across the enterprise resulting in dramatically improved business outcomes.

About Naya Ventures

Founded in 2011, Naya Ventures invests in early stage AI and cloud-based companies where its emerging market channel relationships and go-to-market strategies can efficiently increase enterprise value. Lead by serial entrepreneurs in the mobile and cloud industry, Naya Ventures' principals work alongside a global network of C-level executives and general partners at influential US technology companies and venture funds.

About LiveOak Venture Partners

LiveOak Venture Partners is a venture capital fund based in Austin, Texas, founded by Ben Scott, Krishna Srinivasan, and Venu Shamapant. With over 18 years of successful venture investing in Texas, the founders of LiveOak have helped create nearly $2 billion of enterprise value in exits. While almost all of LiveOak's investments begin in the early stages, LiveOak is a full lifecycle investor focused on technology and technology-enabled services companies based in Texas.

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