The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

Reduction in AHT for Reservations teams
Improvement in QA Feedback scores
Annual savings from coaching & contact handling

Leading Airlines + AmplifAI

Industry: Airline/Travel Company 

Size: Mid Market 

Use Case: Customer Service 

A leisure-focused airline headquartered in Minnesota prides itself on providing safe and convenient travel experiences. With a growing contact center operation, the airline understands the vital role of customer service in a competitive market.

Missed Connections: Disjointed Data Hinders Opportunities for Improvement

A leading leisure carrier recognized an opportunity to elevate their customer experience (CX) through a more efficient approach to coaching and performance management.

Their challenge?

Supervisors were maxed out. Holding teams accountable required a lot of labor: Frontline leaders spent excessive time manually compiling data from disparate systems No time left for improvement : With supervisors focused on assembling data to hold teams accountable, little to no time was left for analysis and action of their findings. Visibility gaps and inconsistent coaching: There was a lack of clear visibility into ongoing coaching activities and their effectiveness, and the amount and quality of coaching varied across leaders, impacting agent development and overall CX.

Smoother Operations: The Opportunity for AI Improvement Process

Leaders at the airlines saw a clear opportunity: free up frontline leaders' time by automating data collection, analysis and coaching prep. This would enable a reinvestment of time into coaching and other high-impact development interactions, enhancing agent skills, improving supervisor effectiveness, and ultimately leading to a higher quality customer experience 

A Solution for Takeoff

The airline partnered with AmplifAI to implement an AI-driven coaching and performance intelligence platform tailored to their contact center environment. 

The platform addressed their challenges by extending the following capabilities across teams:

Data Consolidation: The platform aggregated data from various sources into a single, unified location. Supervisors and coaches gained instant access to a comprehensive view of agent performance metrics - eliminating manual compilation and delivering real-time insights. 

Performance Transparency: Agents and team leaders gained on-demand access to clear performance data and actions, fostering ownership over individual metrics and streamlining the identification of areas for improvement. 

Standardized Coaching Process: The platform facilitated the creation and logging of coaching sessions, ensuring a consistent approach to agent development. 

AI-Driven Coaching (Next Best Coaching Action): The solution analyzed agent performance and provided data-driven recommendations to team leaders. This included pinpointing specific goals to prioritize during coaching sessions as well as opportunities for both recognizing wins and addressing performance gaps. This empowered team leaders to make the best use of their limited coaching time. 

Team Leader Coaching Effectiveness: By tracking the percentage of coaching sessions leading to measurable agent improvement, the platform helped isolate team leader effectiveness from the overall raw performance of their team. This provided valuable insights into where to target team leader development efforts for maximum impact.

The Results: Soaring Higher with Efficient Teams and Better CX

Airline's Results With AmplifAI

The airlines experienced significant gains after implementing AmplifAI. 

  • Scorecard Improvement: The overall scorecard increased from 98 to 102. 
  • Reduced AHT: Reservations average handle time decreased by 32 seconds 
  • Boost in QA Feedback: Quality assurance feedback scores rose from 97% to 103% (% to goal) 
  • Enhanced Coaching Effectiveness: Overall coaching effectiveness surpassed 63%.
  • Gained Savings: Annual contact handling costs and time spent coaching are reduced by $137,414 with AI Driven Performance and Coaching 
  • Reduced Speed to Answer: Reduced Speed to Answer by 50%. Reduced Coaching Prep Time: Time spent preparing for coaching sessions was cut by 51%

A conversation with their Director of Customer Service

AmplifAI’s Dylan Max spoke with the airline’s Director of Customer Care about their recent success with frontline customer care teams. 

Here are a few highlights:

Why’d you buy AmplifAI?

"The past few years were really focused on either rebuilding or building from scratch kind of core functionality that a contact center should have.

So a good workforce management process, having goals and expectations and holding people accountable to them, just really kind of basic basic things. But it was new to the culture and to the team. So we got to a point where, like goals were clear, expectations were clear. 

We were holding people accountable to them, measuring them against them and all of that, but spending just a massive amount of time trying to pull the data together. And it kind of just felt like all we had time to do was put it together, but not look at it, understand it or do anything to take action on it. 

We looked to AmplifAI to help us save all of this time, and we are reinvesting it into spending time with our agents because we know where we need to spend time and that's going to move the needle on performance. 

The end goal is better customer satisfaction and higher quality and lower attrition and lower handle time. That is the outcome, but we get there because we're reinvesting our time to coach agents efficiently"

Frontline Agents Love it 

"This was one of my biggest surprises. Agents actually love it. There was always such a delay in getting data to them on their own performance, and so I think a lot of them love the fact that in real time they can see where they're at and so they don't have to wait on us to hand them that information. 

They can log in and just see it. And then for the the ones that are a little bit more competitive in nature... they can kind of drive themselves and check in on those things whenever they want."

Frontline leaders love it 

"Of course the frontline supervisors love it. Again, wasted time and effort is minimized. They better understand what's happening with their teams. 

They’re able to get rid of work that they weren't good at, but they understood why they needed to do it. So now, they can skip a step and get straight to impact. I think those are the biggest value-adds experienced by the front line."

Expanded back office capacity 

"After we went live with AmplifAI, we reduced the nonproductive back office time for our team leads by half, 50%. Why? Because before, when agents didn’t know an answer, and needed some help, they’d call the back office team. 

With more efficient performance accountability and coaching, agent’s require less help, and the speed of answer for that interaction dropped in half. We are answering twice as fast as we used to for our agents, our internal customers so that they can better support our actual customers."

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