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Learning That Scales

Today's frontline associates face more challenges than ever before:

  • Customer expectations are through the roof.
  • Automation is taking over simpler interactions, leaving associates with a higher share of complex ones.
  • Work-at-home is redefining working environments
  • Data is everywhere

We understand these challenges, and are preparing employees for a new future of work - where learning is proactive, rather than reactive. AmplifAI's Learning Bot uncovers best practices that were previously hidden in your contact center's big data, and turns them into short stories. The data-driven, skill-based videos are shared with employees on a personalized basis, depending on their specific needs and current performance.

Learning for Everyone

Frontline associates are at the forefront of most learning development activities within companies. But learning shouldn't be a zero-sum game. Our micro-learnings bring helpful skills and behaviors to both associates and leaders. While associate learnings are focused on the best performing associates (soft skills, compliance, sales, etc...), leader learnings incorporate the behaviors and insights of top frontline supervisors, trainers and quality managers (effective coaching, delivering feedback, following through, etc...).

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If your people are still manually digging through learning material, or only learning in the training room, you're missing out on performance potential. It's time to make the contact center intelligent, so your people can be better at their most important job - helping customers.

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