Beyond Traditional QA

Amplify Performance with AI-Driven Quality

For contact center leaders that want to transform their QA from Quality Assurance to Quality Acceleration.
Amplify Performance with AI-Driven Quality
The #1 Quality-Driven Coaching Platform. Trusted by leading CX Brands.
woodforest bank
Increased FCR
Woodforest Bank cashes in on improved First Call Resolution Scores thanks to Quality-Driven coaching.
The Home Depot
Improved CSAT
The Home Depot hammers higher CSAT scores by nailing streamlined QA and Coaching processes.
cox telecommunications
Improved CX 
Cox Communications uncovered key insights with Auto QA leading to elevated CX scores.
chewy pet products retailer
Reduced Reporting Time
Chewy leaders spent 62% less time  chasing their tale preparing quality data for coaching activities.

Start with Quality. End with Action.

Make winning predictable. Elevate your QA process with end-to-end AI-driven insights and actions.

Before AmplifAI

Buried in data, QA leaders struggle to action teams towards better CX.
QA leaders spend excessive time and effort compiling data from disparate sources.
QA teams spend excessive time manually calibrating QA results.
Subjective evaluation causes frustration amongst QA leaders and agents.
Quality efforts exist without influencing other departments, leading to disjointed operations and customer experiences.

After AmplifAI

Elevate CX consistently with AI coaching based on your QA data and agent need.
Access QA data alongside the rest of your contact center performance.
Free up valuable time with Auto QA and analyze every customer interactions with AI.
Enable accurate performance assessment and feedback with calibrations.
Understand high-performing QA teams with unified reporting and insights - by team, site, and more.
The Quality ROI

The most powerful Quality actions for every team.

Our customers experience the maximum QA impact because AmplifAI extends actions beyond the information-only solutions of the past.
Increased FCR
Quality-driven coaching drives Woodforest Bank towards maximum first call resolution scores.
Improved CSAT
Streamlined quality and coaching processes generate peak CSAT for The Home Depot
CX Improvement
Effective QA and enablement actions power Cox Communications towards elevated CX scores.
Reduced Reporting Time
Chewy leaders experienced 62% less time spent preparing quality data for coaching activties.
QA Features

QA actions powered by 100% of your data.

Provide your teams with the QA coaching, and improvement they need to enhance frontline performance.

360-Degree Performance Insights

Connect quality scores, CRM data, call transcripts, and more for a complete picture of what drives contact center success.

Calibration Workflows

Achieve consistency and accuracy in grading, eliminating subjective evaluations and ensuring fair agent feedback.

Customizable QA Reporting

Analyze the quality insights that matter most for your business, by person, by evaluator, by score, by question and more.

Quality-Driven Coaching

Create a perfect feedback loop where quality data like autofails and low scores fuel targeted coaching for frontline teams.

QA-Driven Recognition

Extend the AI feedback loop to high-scores and wow-interactions with targeted recognition for every praiseworthy achievement.

Auto QA for Scaled Efficiency

Supercharge your QA and analyze every customer interaction. Easy interactions are auto-scored and complex ones trigger review.

Integrated Transcription

Unlock deeper insights with accurate call and interaction transcripts. Pinpoint areas for improvement and ensure a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions.

Transparency for Every Contact Center Role

Escape the constraints of incomplete performance. AmplifAI delivers role-specific intelligence, transforming every level of your contact center from data-starved to action-ready.
Enterprise Grade Security

Secure Your Performance Data

AmplifAI integrates top-tier security measures, ensuring your contact center's data stays protected while you focus on driving performance.

GDPR and SOC2 Compliant

We are GDPR and SOC2 compliant for enhanced security, availability, and confidentiality.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrated SSO for seamless access with enhanced security, and simplified login process.

VPN-Enhanced Security

Leverage VPN support for secure, encrypted data transmission and keep your data secure

Data Recovery Protection

Advanced data recovery protocols to safeguard your performance data against loss.

Data Privacy | Segregated Data

Segregated data storage, strict data separation for enhanced security and compliance.

Role-based Security

Role-based security controls with tailored access preventing unauthorized data exposure.