The 5 Key People & Process Steps to Improving Your Coaching Effectiveness:

Melissa Pollock
The 5 Key People & Process Steps to Improving Your Coaching Effectiveness:

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There's good news for contact-center leaders. Once they understand the issues that hamper coaching effectiveness, new digital tools can help address them by improving the availability, targeting, and delivering of coaching inputs.

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How do you develop coaching competency and consistency, at scale, across your programs, teams, sites and at home environments?  You leverage technology to augment both your processes and your people!

The 5 Steps to Improving Coaching Effectiveness

There are 5 key People & Process Steps that will increase your Coaching Effectiveness:

  1. Create and communicate your coaching system – expectations, procedures, and methods
  2. Train coaches how to communicate and develop others – follow-through and leadership skills
  3. Provide visibility into performance and coaching – frequencies, behaviors, and action plans
  4. Measure coaching effectiveness – whether people improve or not after being coached
  5. Coach your Coaches – improve coaching competency and effectiveness

And while enterprise leaders certainly have to define and communicate the system of procedures, approaches, and expectations in order to create a consistent operating framework, there are now innovative technology tools that can carry out that system, and support the remaining steps.

That means you don’t have to try and solve each of the steps individually, rather you can apply a collective solution that systemically supports all the steps within the overall operation and its people.

As an example, explore AmplifAI's coaching effectiveness capabilities, and learn about how we’ve been creating increased coaching effectiveness, resulting in rapid, turn-around engagement and performance for direct and BPO contact centers alike!

Automate Supervisor Administrative Tasks
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The Future of Contact Center Coaching: Our Top 5 Coaching Capabilities

Implementing the 5 steps illustrated above has led many organizations down the costly road of internal development, resulting in mismanaged coaching that doesn't grow or scale. We're helping modern contact center leaders take the next step in performance improvement with a data-driven solution that today's remote-work fueled, data-dependent environment demands. Learn about the 5 data-driven coaching capabilities enabling innovating contact center operations.

Improved Performance & Customer Experience
Month over month gains in Issue Resolution,
FCR and NPS;
Month over month reductions in Handle times,
ACW and Hold
Winning additional client headcount
30% improvement in sales conversion
Retaining talented people
8-point reduction in turnover
Improving financial performance
10% increase in utilization


The future of success in your contact center is contingent on how you impact performance in ways that are both immediate and sustainable. And it doesn’t matter whether your agents are on-site, at-home, full-time, part-time, or temporary – you must deliver on performance.

Coaching is one of the most significant tools we can use to deliver on the engagement and performance of our people – but we must develop our processes, our people and leadership skills, and our technology tools, in order to overthrow the pervasive challenges to achieving greater coaching effectiveness and supercharging contact center performance!

Unlock the potential of your employees and skyrocket your ROI with cutting-edge coaching.

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