Foundever Improves Client’s Agent-to-Supervisor Ratio and Increases Coaching Sessions 500%

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Foundever Improves Client’s Agent-to-Supervisor Ratio and Increases Coaching Sessions 500%
78% Increase in Time Savings
Leads to 12% Increase in Annual Cost Savings
500% More Coaching
Even After a 23% Reduction in Supervisors
32-Second Reduction in AHT
Plus, a 26% Increase in Agents Meeting QA Goal

Food Order and Delivery Service Turns to Foundever (BPO) for Customer Support

Foundever (formerly SYKES) is a global business process organization (BPO). The BPO began working with a new client, a food delivery partner. The client had many customer-support needs, including managing consumer purchases and deliveries and onboarding new partnering restaurants and businesses.

Working with the team at Foundever, the delivery company hoped the BPO would elevate the experience of both their customers and partners. In addition, the food delivery service was hopeful that Foundever could provide their contact center expertise to help the delivery provider streamline their customer support processes.

BPO Assigns 3,000+ Agents for Contact Center Coverage

At the onset of working together, the BPO and the food delivery service discussed the logistics of managing the existing and future needs. It was determined that 3,000 agents would be needed to cover this account, with an increased number of agents required on Fridays and Saturdays compared to the rest of the week.

The food ordering and delivery provider requested an agent-to-supervisor ratio significantly smaller than Foundever traditionally used.  While the BPO asked to adjust the ratio, the client was hesitant since they had seen their customer experience and agent productivity decrease when supervisors took on large numbers of agents.

 With supervisors costing the BPO significantly more than frontline agents, Foundever knew there was a massive opportunity for them to improve those ratios to bring down overall company costs. 

So Foundever turned to AmplifAI.

AI-Driven Software Improves BPO’s Supervisor and Agent Productivity

AmplifAI’s performance enablement software was the solution Foundever needed to help manage and optimize the frontline associates and the supervisors – and ultimately reduce overall costs.

Initially, Foundever started about 17% of the client’s 3,000 agents on AmplifAI. The AI-driven platform consolidated the agent scorecard – a task that supervisors had previously done manually.

By automating the agent scorecard and each individual’s reporting, Foundever used AmplifAI to reduce the time it took each supervisor to prepare for coaching, development, and performance correction.

Supervisor prep time went from 45 minutes per agent to approximately 10 minutes per agent – a time savings of nearly 78%.

Improved Agent-to-Supervisor Ratio Drives Annual Cost-Savings of 12%

The contact center BPO’s agents continued to show positive results utilizing AmplifAI’s performance enablement software.

As Foundever's partnership neared the one-year mark, the BPO suggested the client reconsider their agent-to-supervisor ratio for their AmplifAI-enabled teams. The client was impressed and agreed to adjust the agent-to-supervisor ratio resulting in a 23% decrease in supervisor needs.

Using Foundever’s supervisor cost estimate and factoring in the cost of AmplifAI’s performance software, the BPO realized an annual net savings of nearly 12%. Plus, the BPO could reallocate the redundant supervisor positions to support their other business needs.

Increased Coaching Dramatically Improves AHT and Overall Agent QA Scores

Even with fewer supervisors, Foundever’s teams continued to increase their productivity and found more time for coaching.

Supervisors increased their number of coaching sessions per agent (CPA), achieving their coaching goal and surpassing it. In fact, their CPA showed a 500% improvement compared to the number of coaching sessions from the previous six months.

Two metrics most important to Foundever’s client were the combined quality score and the average handle time (AHT) of chat conversations. In just four months, the BPO delivered a 7% increase in their agents’ overall combined quality scores, a 26% increase in the number of agents meeting the combined QA goal, and Foundever reduced the chat AHT by 32 seconds.

This wasn’t the first time Foundever had seen the positive impact of AmplifAI, and the BPO was eager to deploy the AI-driven software to other future and current clients.