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Focus team leaders on team member challenges, like improving Average Handle Time
Focus team leaders on team member challenges, like improving First Call Resolution
Remote one-on-one
Showing Empathy
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Helping Resolve Issues
+150 connectors fuel AmplifAI's data-driven coaching.

The Coaching Blueprint

Leverage one consistent approach to coaching for leaders
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Deliver fast, targeted coaching to frontline agents
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Coaching Effectiveness

Measure and track agent performance after coaching.
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Recordings and History

Record every coaching interaction and create a library of best practices
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The Coaching Blueprint

Coach Smarter with One-Data Driven System

Leverage one consistent approach to coaching for leaders and their teams.
Save 40% of Leader Time
Team leaders start their day with a single system that recommends the most relevant coaching actions for their team - goodbye painful analysis and preparation.  
Coaching Consistency
Every coaching interaction follows the same smart process – coach, follow up and/or recognize - driving each leader and team towards consistent development and growth.
Data-driven actions boost team leader experience


Scale Personalized Coaching across the Enterprise

Deliver fast, targeted coaching to frontline agents

Data-Driven Recommendations

AmplifAI creates coaching recommendations based on individual agent performance – focusing agents and their team leaders on the right metric, behavior and details.

Spend More Time with Teams

With the preparatory guesswork taken out of the coaching process, leaders can spend their time helping guide the core skills and tactics required for improvement.
Help improve employee consistency with a data-driven coaching blueprint.

Coaching Effectiveness

Understand the impact of coaching actions.

Measure and track agent performance after coaching.
Quantify Coaching Success
AmplifAI’s Coaching Effectiveness Index reveals how successful team leaders are in improving agent performance after a coaching session.
Highlight Your Best Coaches
High effectiveness demonstrates strong abilities to improve team performance, and vice versa. AmplifAI generates an overall Coaching Effectiveness Index along with a metric and behavior specific Effectiveness Index for every supervisor.
Coaching Effectiveness unveils new leadership insights

Recordings and History

Never Lose Valuable Coaching Insights

Record every coaching interaction and build a library of best practice content.
A Complete Coaching History
It’s hard to  covered in a coaching session, so we make sure to store the details from every interaction in Coaching History – allowing participants to review key points post coaching
Record Coaching Audio
Sessions are also recordable and stored, establishing a framework to build organic coaching highlights for supervisors-in-need.
Unlock a complete digital coaching history/

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