The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

Reduction in Overall Agent Idle Time
Reduction in Non-Productive Aux Time
Increase in Productivity & Billable Utilization


This BPO wanted to boost its contact center productivity and billing utilization to deliver an even better service to its clients. Additionally, the BPO wanted to free up time for supervisor development activities while increasing its supervisors’ coaching efficiency.

Client Challenges

  • Improve productivity and billing utilization
  • Free up Supervisor time for development activities
  • Evolve Supervisor coaching competency

Solution & Impact

The Global BPO executives used AmplifAI to identify and monitor outliers for critical metrics — such as handle time, quality scores, AUX use, and utilization — and analyze them against each of their customer programs, locations, supervisors, and agents. Additionally, each supervisor’s coaching skills were measured and tracked to determine their coaching effectiveness and define areas of improvement.

Supervisors utilized real-time agent performance rankings paired with agent-personalized coaching recommendations. These metrics validated agent improvement per coaching session and generated follow-up tasks to maximize each session.

A simple dashboard enabled frontline agents to view their performance, compare their ranking against their peers, and review existing coaching commitments. Plus, agents can easily access a training toolbox to review calls and documents from previous coachings.

By implementing AmplifAI’s platform, the BPO accelerated performance improvement across its organization. Intuitively identifying and replicating top-performer behaviors ensures you’re coaching the right person, on the right behaviors, at the right time, with the right content.

Clients want to see how you manage performance... before implementing AmplifAI, it was really hard to show them! It’s been a culture change, and now we use it from start to finish. We can see where we have issues, and then our supervisors receive recommendations on what and who to focus on. It saves time and saves money!

VP of Operations, BPO

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