The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

Decrease in Average Handle Time
Increase in Agent Satisfaction
10,000 Users
Pilot of 80 users expanded to 10,000 users in 24 months


A global home improvement retailer wanted to ensure agents were knowledgeable of their products and can quickly address customer questions efficiently. They wanted to:

  1. Measure the impact of coaching sessions between supervisors and agents
  2. Identify behaviors that align with agent performance

Previous Pain Points

  • Customers demanded expertise in all problems and products by the associates
  • Associate feedback process took too long for preparation which left little time for delivery
  • Frontline agents' performance declined without effective coaching

AHT during pilot performed better than the line of business

“AmplifAI is a game changer! AmplifAI has allowed the associates to be in control of their own performance. They can see firsthand their behaviors and how it impacts their performance.”

Operations Supervisor, Top 5 US Retailer

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