COX Communications Generates $3.2 MM in savings by reducing Handle Time while increasing CX by 13%

COX Communications Generates $3.2 MM in savings by reducing Handle Time while increasing CX by 13%

The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

$3.2 Million
ROI Boost with AmplifAI
CX Improvement With AmplifAI
49 Seconds
AHT Improvement With AmplifAI

COX Communications: Leading the Way in Outstanding Telecom Customer Service  

COX, a leader in the telecommunications and media industry, is dedicated to exceptional customer service. With a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and coaching effectiveness, COX continuously strives to uphold their high service standards, reinforcing their position as a top-tier provider in the ever-evolving telecom and media landscape.

Administrative Overload: Operational Inefficiencies in Telecom  

While known for their service quality, COX's customer service operations faced significant challenges that hindered their full potential.

The team grappled with several operational inefficiencies, including:

  • Lengthy Administrative Tasks: A large portion of supervisors' time was consumed by administrative duties. While these tasks were necessary, they limited the availability of supervisors to do more impactful work.
  • Time-Consuming Report Preparation: The process of preparing reports was not only labor-intensive but also complex. It involved multiple steps that often led to delays and bottlenecks.
  • Inefficient Coaching Documentation: Documentation of coaching sessions was a tedious process. Meticulous recording of feedback and planning follow-up sessions added to the already sizeable administrative burden.

Recognizing these challenges, COX's leadership saw the urgent need for a more structured and efficient approach. There was a clear necessity to streamline these processes to enhance both the quality of coaching and overall operational effectiveness.

Using AI to Improve Agent Performance & Metrics Analysis

In a strategic move to elevate their customer service, COX Communications implemented AmplifAI, a leader in AI-driven coaching and performance management. COX’s aim was to transform their pain points into areas of strength, ultimately leading to a more dynamic and responsive customer service environment.

Capable of aggregating and analyzing extensive operational data, AmplifAI's advanced platform offered real-time insights for COX's supervisors. This enabled the supervisors to swiftly identify specific areas for agent performance improvement and led to more personalized and effective coaching strategies.   

The implementation of AmplifAI's software automated time-consuming tasks like report generation and performance tracking to streamline administrative processes. This freed up supervisors, so they could focus more on impactful coaching and development activities. Furthermore, the AI-enabled platform provided targeted coaching plans based on individual agent performance metrics, making each coaching session even more impactful.   

But the success wasn’t all because of the software. COX also relied on the expertise and ongoing support of AmplifAI’s team. AmplifAI’s Customer Success team collaborated closely with COX for a tailored integration of the platform, including comprehensive training to ensure smooth adoption. AmplifAI’s adaptive strategies and continuous support played a vital role in COX's coaching methods, highlighting the synergy between innovative technology and expert human intervention.

$3.2M ROI & 400% More Coaching: Measurable Results with AI

The results of the collaboration were remarkable. AmplifAI's platform led to transformative results across several operational areas at COX, emphasizing the platform's broad impact on customer service operations.

AmplifAI significantly exceeded its primary goal of being self-sustaining, contributing an impressive $3.2 million ROI in just 12 months. This substantial financial return highlighted the investment's viability and marked a key milestone of operational excellence. This return was generated by the following productivity and efficiency gains:

+400% Increase in Agent Coachings

COX Communication significantly improved their coaching cadence, with a 429% increase in coaching for their Account Services group and a 260% rise in coachings for their Residential Technical group. This notable surge in the number of Coachings Per Agent (CPA) reflects a major shift towards a more robust and consistent coaching framework, significantly enhancing the quality and effectiveness of coaching across the entire COX organization.  

AHT Improved by :49 Seconds

With the growth in focused coaching, COX made significant improvements in Average Handling Time (AHT). In Account Services, AHT improved by 3 seconds. In the Residential Technical department, it improved by 49 seconds – a 6.66% improvement. These enhancements significantly contributed to streamlining customer interactions.

Soaring Beyond Their CX Targets by 13%

COX Communications was already meeting their CX goals, but their teams were striving for excellence beyond the set targets. Account Services soared from 102% to 115% of their goal, a commendable 13% increase, while Residential Technical Support made a significant leap from 101% to 111%. These improvements underscore COX’s dedication to pushing beyond satisfactory performance, reflecting their commitment to deliver superior service and showcasing their success in harnessing AI-driven strategies to elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

Expanding Reach: COX to Integrate AmplifAI Across New Business Lines

The significant ROI and AHT gains, combined with the profound shift in the coaching culture, position COX for ongoing innovation and improvement in customer service operations.

Encouraged by AmplifAI's role in boosting efficiency, coaching quality, and revenue, COX is prepared to extend use of AmplifAI across additional lines of business. This strategic expansion is part of COX’s broader goal to integrate AI-driven methods into their core operations. With AmplifAI, COX is evolving their approach to customer service, illustrating the power of technology in achieving exceptional service standards in the industry.

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