The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

More Effective Coaching Sessions
Improvement in Solves Per Day


There was an immediate need to increase speed to proficiency for new hires while providing proper and targeted coaching and employee engagement. The travel brand needed to:

  1. Increase speed to proficiency for onboarding new hires
  2. Improve Coaching Effectiveness and frontline agent performance

Previous Pain Points

  • New hires required an improved onboarding process to be efficient in providing service
  • Customers expected and required agents to be experts regardless of tenure
  • Negative CSAT results caused from new hires inability to provide quick resolutions

Continued improvement in Solves Per Day month-over-month

“We have proven a successful AI-driven process with AmplifAI for pushing relevant micro-learning content personalized to an agent’s need. AmplifAI allows us to improve speed to proficiency for our clients and is a key lever in our ability to exceed client expectations.”

Vice President AmplifAI, Confidential 2022 Top 3 Travel Brand via BPO

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