The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

3.4 pts
Increase in Dollars Per Hour (DPH)
Annualized Value of Collections Productivity Improvement

About the Client

PREMIER Bankcard, headquartered in Sioux Falls,SD is an issuer of MasterCard brand credit cards in the U.S. PREMIER Bankcard is recognized for their financial strength and dedication to their customers, employees, and communities. "People are Premier’s greatest strength and its most valuable asset.”

Client Challenges

  • Inability to meet monthly Collections goals
  • Inefficient use of Supervisor time due to lots of tools and manual processes
  • Difficult to engage, motivate, and coach agents working remotely

The Opportunity

Teams in the Collections department were struggling to analyze and action multiple data feeds and reports. This impacted the front-line leaders’ ability to meet collections targets – including DPH. Supervisors were spending too much time manually analyzing data instead of engaging, developing, and coaching their teams.


Collection DPH increased 3.4 points resulting in $5.8MM of annualized impact.

The Solution & Impact

AmplifAI started working with PREMIER Bankcard in 2021 to implement our AI-Driven performance enablement platform. The solution was focused on helping improve the Coaching Effectiveness of their engagement leaders and improve the visibility of performance throughout the organization.

AmplifAI became the one system to see and understand performance data relative to their goals, their team, and their line of business. It also provided AI-Driven intelligent coaching and recognition actions as well as recommendations for supervisors.

Site Performance

Within the first two months, the client realized significant improvement in DPH productivity for the associates coached using the AmplifAI solution compared to the sites that were not.

The sites using AmplifAI performed at 11.6 points compared to only 8.2 points for the sites without AmplifAI. The client attributes an incremental $5.8 million in collections to AmplifAI, based on the application of a 3.4 point average improvement to their previous productivity level of $570 per productive hour, over 301,592 annual productive hours.

“Before we started using AmplifAI, our supervisors would access many different reports to evaluate and coach agent performance. AmplifAI gave us an easy-to-understand dashboard that was also visually pleasing. It put our key performance metrics front and center for our agents and supervisors. AmplifAI also shared features they could incorporate, such as the ability to score the coaching effectiveness of each supervisor. The management tools available in the application has strengthened our ability to standardize our objectives, resulting in improved performance."

Michele Boy, AVP of Collections at PREMIER Bankcard

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