Foundever Increased Top Performers by 127%

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Foundever Increased Top Performers by 127%
Improvement in CSAT
Increase in Top Performers
Growth in Quality Score

Improving agent performance requires superpowers.

At Foundever (formerly SYKES), they are committed to helping their clients build positive and lasting relationships with their customers, employees and in the public sector.

Foundever's reputation is built on commitment, innovation, and a proven track record of performance. The Foundever family includes over 46,000 employees from 23 countries working in 38 languages in locations around the world. For Foundever, acting locally while thinking globally is much more than a business cliché – they deliver on it each and every day.

The team at Foundever has come from many different backgrounds and industries. They have all arrived at this place because they have been attracted by the idea that a company could be devoted to helping others and still make a profit. Their team at Foundever has built–over several decades–a culture centered on helping others by helping one another.

They are experts in building customer relationships that work, starting with the relationships they enjoy with their clients. The pillars of its business are integrity, flexibility, and results. They stand behind the guarantees they make because they know that loyalty depends on satisfaction. They also know that the realities and priorities of any organization can change in a hurry. They have survived for 50 years because adapting is what they do!


Foundever’ client in Canada, a Fortune 500 telecommunications provider, had several locations across multiple geographies with inconsistent agent performance both internally and via Business ProcessOutsourcers (BPOs).  Foundever wanted to drive best practices and coaching consistency across all sites to boost performance of each contact agent to the next higher category. Inconsistent performance from agents at different locations, even when supporting the same client, caused significant challenges. Upskilling frontline agents was not happening in the most effective manner and could be improved by pushing micro-learning content to agents in between calls. Agents would benefit from content such as, improving soft skills and increasing subject matter expertise, that is tailored to their persona and category of performance distribution.

Pain Points

  • Customers were getting sub-par quality when interacting with contact agents.
  • Managers had to keep dealing with dissatisfied customers.
  • Agents’ performance declined without effective coaching.


Foundever’ client, a major telecommunications provider in Canada that had several locations across multiple geographies, saw immediate positive impact to its balanced scorecard. Metrics, such as CSAT/VOC, Quality, and Compliance saw week-over-week improvement and continued to improve month-over-month. Manager had more impactful and effective coaching sessions that led the way for improvement in frontline agent’s performance. Foundever and AmplifAI are further strengthening their partnership to other clients and across multiple geographies as the low-cost and high-impact AmplifAI solution makes it a very appealing proposition to client executives.

Coaching Effectiveness

A tailored approach to coaching based on personas of each contact agent. Managers are measured on impact of the coaching session.

Micro-Learning Empowerment

Content is push to targeted agents in order to improve proficiency in a subject matter and improve soft skills when interacting with customers.

Remote Work Enablement

Integration of a Workforce Management platform improving forecasting, scheduling and live monitoring.

“Coaching preparation is a lot faster as both the Dashboard and Coaching platform are in one tool. Tracking agents’ progress and reviewing commitments is much easier.”

Graiza Acos, Sr. Operations Manager, Foundever (formerly SYKES)

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