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iQor Selects AmplifAI AI-Driven Performance Enablement Platform

Julie Hsu

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ST. PETERSBURG, FLA., July 19, 2022 – iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, announced today its selection of the AmplifAI AI-driven performance enablement platform. This integration is one of iQor's digital initiatives to increase efficiency and support excellent employee and customer experiences.  

AmplifAI’s Performance Enablement and Employee Engagement platform integrates with all internal and client data to develop higher-performing and more engaged frontline associates and leaders. The AI tracks performance and proactively recommends coaching, recognition, and self-learning actions while measuring their effectiveness to further improve outcomes.

By providing access to streamlined data, AmplifAI helps frontline leaders deliver timely, personalized, and efficient employee development and engagement across their teams. AmplifAI enables supervisors to access performance data and AI-driven recommendations through one system that prioritizes actions, key behaviors, and performance indicators (KPI) for iQor’s clients, empowering supervisors to help more frontline employees strengthen specific skills in less time.  

“iQor's selection of AmplifAI is part of the ongoing expansion of our digital ecosystem. Our frontline associates and leaders are our most important assets. Our investment in AmplifAI to further develop, coach, engage, and retain our frontline employees and leaders has delivered higher employee satisfaction and excellent customer experience improvements for our clients,”

said iQor Chief Operating Officer Martin Lehtio.

AmplifAI enables frontline associates, with their leader’s support, by identifying a specific and measurable goal with a target date to reach it. All workflows within AmplifAI align to that goal so coaches know what to coach and how to coach it. Coaches also use employee development micro-learnings on specific topics to reinforce their coaching sessions and provide agents additional guidance.

“After a comprehensive evaluation process that included piloting the platform with one of our clients, we selected AmplifAI. The AI-driven platform enables supervisors to coach, recognize, and engage more agents, more frequently, in less time, with more specific and purposeful development that yields fantastic results,” said John Kruper, senior vice president of global learning and development at iQor.

The impact of these coaching sessions is strengthened through accountability, follow-up, and recognition. AmplifAI generates a high performer persona for agents and then the AI uses the persona to develop personalized coaching and recognition plans for their supervisors. The goal is to focus supervisors on engaging and developing their teams and let AmplifAI handle all of the data analytics and recommendations. AmplifAI has a proprietary coaching effectiveness index model that helps the organization determine where supervisors have challenges in coaching. This Effectiveness Index is key to help us determine how to develop better coaches that have the specific skills necessary to improve their agents.

Moreover, coaching sessions are recorded and automatically linked to the behavior and growth measure so supervisors can reference them, managers can use them to inform coach-the-coach sessions, and peers can access them as a resource for their own development. Built-in accountability ensures agents and supervisors receive the support they need to thrive.

“We are thrilled that iQor has chosen AmplifAI to help deliver superior employee development and engagement, ultimately driving improved experiences for their customers,” added Sean Minter, CEO and founder of AmplifAI. “We look forward to a successful future together.”

About iQor
iQor is a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions comprised of 35,000 amazing employees spanning 10 countries. We are passionate about delivering an outstanding omnichannel customer experience for brands across the globe. Harnessing intelligent CX technology that can scale teams anywhere, our BPO solutions create happy employees and delighted customers. Our irresistible culture results in a smile with each interaction to create optimal customer experiences. We enable diverse teams to scale our BPO digital solutions from local to global to create the CX experience brands demand to win and keep customers. Read, see, and hear more at

About AmplifAI

At AmplifAI, we’re applying science to make teams better. AmplifAI was founded with the goal of leveraging data to create a personalized environment that enables every employee to succeed. As more companies explore the new generation of hybrid work, innovative leaders and organizations are relying on AmplifAI to enable performance, improve people and make work more fun - wherever work is happening. Powering success for companies like The Home Depot, GoDaddy, Premier Bank, University of Miami, and DispatchHealth.

iQor Contact

Robert Constantine, SVP Marketing and Communications

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Julie Hsu, VP Marketing

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