+13 Hours Per Week
Coaching process reduced by 13.6 hours per manager/per week
Better Employee Experience
All frontline employees report better experience
Improved Processes
Employees report the new processes are, “…much more user-friendly”

BPO Provides Customer Care and Sales Support to Zillow

This global BPO provides exceptional customer experiences across various channels, including online, phone, social media, and in-person. The BPO handles acquisition and sales to customer care and support and serves clients in a wide range of industries.

One of these companies is Zillow, a popular real estate website for buying, selling, and renting homes. The BPO provides this client with call support services for both sales and customer care, and they were confident they could provide the high-quality results their client expected for their customers. 

Enabling AI Optimizes Call Center Processes for Efficiency

The BPO relies on top-notch talent through their employees and state-of-the-art contact center technology. One of these technologies is AmplifAI – an AI-driven performance enablement platform that significantly enhances call center teams' operational efficiency.

While the BPO’s partnership with Zillow was off to a great start, the call center leadership recognized there was room for efficiency enhancement. In July 2022, the BPO began using AmplifAI to support the real estate company's five team managers and each of their agents.

Almost immediately, the teams saw a remarkable improvement in streamlining their existing processes.

Zillow Team Managers Save 13+ Hours Each Week with AmplifAI

The Zillow team managers have a lot of time-consuming responsibilities when it comes to assisting their agents through coaching.

It starts with consolidating data and then analyzing it to identify which agents need coaching. Next, the team leads must identify the areas each agent needs coaching on and create a plan to tackle those areas of concern. Then, team managers need to spend time hosting the actual coaching session with their agents. But the job’s not over yet. Finally, managers need to create and execute a follow-up plan to ensure the coaching session is successful.

After implementing AmplifAI, Zillow's team managers reported that the AI software reduced this time-consuming process by 13.65 hours per manager per week. With five team managers, this translates to a total savings of 68 hours a week – nearly 3,500 hours per year!

AmplifAI significantly reduced the time managers spent analyzing data and creating plans, so they could focus on what matters most: coaching. In fact, they increased their coachings by 5x in just six months!

Frontline Managers & Agents Report Better Employee Experience

While these improvements helped the BPO’s teams to deliver on every one of Zillow's KPI goals, better processes have also improved the employee experience.

Team managers said their old processes used to be incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive. The systems were slow and a lot of manual work was needed to analyze data and record meeting notes.

With AmplifAI, the process is so much simpler. According to one team manager, “All information is handy, and we are notified if we need to do a follow-up or recognition which I think is great!”

Frontline agents are finding AmplifAI a big benefit as well, “I find it much more user-friendly than what I do today. Having a place to see our metrics is helpful to keep track of our work and make improvements.”

The BPO truly understands the value of efficient processes. With AmplifAI, they continue to optimize their frontline teams and set their organization up for success in the future.


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