The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

5x More Coachings
Plus coachings are now 40% more efficient
Improved Key Metrics
Surpassed client’s goals for QA & Win Rate
Achieved Almost Every Goal
Including decreasing AHT 18% and ART 30%

BPO Provides Outstanding Sales Support and Customer Care to Zillow

This global BPO is known for delivering outstanding customer interactions through digital, phone, social, chat, and face-to-face channels. Their client is Zillow, a popular website for buying, selling, or leasing real estate.

The BPO provides their client with both sales and customer support services, and they were confident in their ability to meet their client’s high standards for their customers.

AI Software Maximizes Contact Center Performance Results

Using modern call center software, the BPO’s workforce of frontline agents was sure they could deliver on Zillow's goals. To ensure success, the BPO uses AmplifAI – an AI-powered platform optimized to improve call center and operational performance. 

The BPO integrated AmplifAI in July 2022 to assist five of their client’s teams. The five team managers and their agents saw performance improvements almost immediately.

Team managers reported that AmplifAI significantly reduced the time managers spent analyzing data and creating plans. With less time spent running reports, team leaders had more time to focus on what matters most: coaching.

5x Increase in Coaching Sessions and 40% More Efficient

When the AmplifAI implementation started in July 2022, coachings per agent (CPA) were only at .94. This meant some months passed without agents getting a single coaching session.

With AmplifAI significantly reducing the coaching prep work, team managers now had more time to run coaching sessions each week. In just six months after implementing AmplifAI, the January 2023 coachings per agent per month had increased more than 5x!

But the BPO wasn’t just looking at the quantity of coachings; they also looked at the quality of coachings. With the assistance of AmplifAI’s AI software, it became easier for the contact center team managers to measure the efficiency of each coaching session and understand where they could improve.

After three months of using AmplifAI, the coaching efficiency score went from 47.5% to 67%. So not only were Zillow's agents receiving 5x the number of coachings per month, but each coaching session was over 40% more efficient!

Better Coaching Improves QA, Win Rate, AHT, ART, and More!

So what does better, more frequent coaching mean to the BPO and Zillow? The answer: a whole lot.

Quality assurance (QA) and win rate are the two key metrics the client is tracking. With AmplifAI, the client saw improvements in both. In just three months, the QA increased from 96.98 to 98.39 and the win rate increased from 76.83 to 83.31.

But improvement didn’t stop there! Teams are now surpassing the goal target in almost every area including an 18% decrease in Average Handle Time (AHT) and a 30% decrease in Average Resolution Time (ART).

With Zillow's agents now consistently improving performance, the BPO has had to adjust their performance goals to reflect the new trend.

Plus, after implementing AmplifAI, the BPO has noticed a change when it comes to training new hires. The knowledge gap is much smaller leading to a significant reduction in the typical speed to proficiency (STP) of new hires.

The BPO knows that delivering exceptional performance to clients like Zillow relies on many factors, and AmplifAI has become a crucial part of their success. 


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