The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

67% Better Coaching Effectiveness
BPO gains better visibility into coaching performance
24% Improvement to AHT
Prioritized AHT on scorecard and in time spent coaching
4% Increase in FCR
More coaching leads to significantly better first-call resolution

BPO Uses AI to Deliver Superior Customer Experience for Lumen

This leading BPO has over 6,500 associates across ten centers located across the globe. They pride themselves on delivering high-quality business processing outsourcing (BPO) services and consistently achieving their clients’ goals. 

One of the BPO’s clients is Lumen, a major U.S. telecommunications provider. Lumen began working with the BPO in an effort to take their call center’s customer service experience to the next level. 

While they bring decades of contact center expertise to their clients, the BPO also relies on top-of-the-line technology including AmplifAI’s AI-driven performance enablement software

Simplifying Data Analysis Saves Supervisors Significant Time

Lumen challenged them to accelerate performance gains with two key metrics: increasing first-call resolution (FCR) and decreasing the average handle time (AHT).

Supervisors previously relied on a number of different tools, spreadsheets, and reports to track their KPIs. Then the supervisors manually analyzed data across these dozens of sources to create a coaching plan. 

Since few supervisors are given extensive training in data analytics, this process was incredibly time-consuming. Plus, it left even less time to actually act on the coaching plans they created. 

To simplify this process, the BPO turned to AmplifAI. AmplifAI’s software uses AI to: 

  • Ingest data from a countless number of sources
  • Identify the root cause of performance problems
  • Create a personalized coaching plan for each agent
  • Provide all of this data in an easy-to-read dashboard

But it wasn’t all about the software, AmplifAI also brought expertise. 

AmplifAI’s Customer Success team worked hand-in-hand with the BPO’s leadership team to help them determine the focus areas that would make the biggest impact on Lumen’s goals. 

Better Coaching Makes Big Impact on Call Center Performance

While the BPO’s teams were running coaching sessions, their performance outcomes weren’t consistently improving. Something had to change. Inefficient coaching sessions aren’t good for business. Not only do they fail to improve the KPI results, but they’re also taking agents and team leads away from their other duties.

It was time to look at coaching effectiveness

The AI platform calculates how efficient each coaching session is on the agent’s future performance. Then, AmplifAI’s dashboard clearly outlines the coaching problem areas. For instance, maybe the coaching session isn’t tackling the right challenges or maybe the coach just isn’t great at coaching. 

In the words of one of the BPO’s leaders, “AmplifAI gave us one-stop-shop visibility into performance, coaching, and coaching effectiveness.”

It’s hard to find the right solution unless you completely understand the problem. With AmplifAI, the BPO had a clear view of their performance challenges – now they were fully prepared to make some dramatic improvements. 

BPO Improves FCR and AHT with More Efficient Coaching

Within just six months of using AmplifAI, the BPO saw gains in both of the Lumen's key metrics as well as significant improvements in coaching effectiveness. 

Now that they’re clearly tracking their coaching efforts, the BPO can more easily weight different metrics on their balanced scorecard based on their organization’s priorities. They can also specify how much coaching time needs to be dedicated to one KPI over another to make the biggest impact on their company goals. 

Lumen's Coaching Effectiveness Improved 67%

Consistent with their original findings, improving coaching effectiveness has been critical to their success. Since launching AmplifAI, supervisors have seen an average improvement of 67% in overall coaching effectiveness! 

BPO improves coaching effectiveness by 67% with AmplifAI

Lumen's First-Call Resolution (FCR) Improved 4%

The BPO has achieved a 4% improvement in Q4 over their Q1-Q3 baseline. While FCR currently accounts for only a small part of their balanced scorecard, supervisors are dedicating 20% of their coaching time to this KPI since they see this as a big opportunity for improvement.  

BPO improves FCR by 4% with AmplifAI

Lumen's Average Handle Time (AHT) Improved 24%

The BPO has experienced a 24% drop in average handle time compared to their Q1-Q3 baseline. Recognizing its direct effect on customer satisfaction, they've prioritized AHT on their balanced scorecard and coaching time. So far, supervisors coaching for AHT boast a 66% effectiveness rating.

BPO improves AHT by 24% with AmplifAI

With AmplifAI's AI-driven performance enablement software, the BPO has achieved and surpassed many of Lumen’s critical KPI goals. Whether it's a 67% improvement in coaching effectiveness or notable gains in FCR and AHT, the results speak volumes!

More than just a technology provider, AmplifAI has proven to be a trusted partner, providing the necessary tools and insights to fuel this global BPO’s continued growth and success.

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