The AmplifAI Effect: Measurable ROI

6X Better Resolution Time
Customer Resolution Time Improved for Agents Using AmplifAI
Up to 13% Better NPS
Net Promoter Score Increased 2.5-13% Since Program Launch
40% More Coaching Sessions
Improved Coaching Efficiency Leads to Overall CX Improvement

This global BPO is an incredible example of the full power of the AmplifAI platform in action. We cannot be more proud of the partnership between our two companies, and we are so excited to see what comes next. Working together, there's no limit to what this Global BPO's teams can achieve!

We've had the privilege to work with the BPO team on a number of great content pieces. Check them all out below!

Case Study: How BPO Harnesses Performance Enablement Technology to Replicate Top Performers at Scale

Read this case study on BPO website to see how precision coaching, recognition, and self-learning actions are raising performance metrics and net promoter score (NPS) to dramatically improve the BPO's overall customer experience (CX).

Webinar: Five Steps to Improve Coaching Effectiveness for Frontline Supervisors

Discover five proven steps to improve coaching effectiveness in this action-oriented webinar. You’ll learn how to create and communicate a coaching system; train coaches to develop their frontline agents; measure coaching effectiveness; and much more.

Podcast: Ep. 57 How AI Enables BPO Supervisors to Coach Agents and Boost Performance

Tune in to episode 57; Digitally Irresistible podcast to hear Sean Minter, founder and CEO of AmplifAI, explain the five things BPOs need to do to be successful on any client program and how AI can help.

Press Release: Global BPO Selects AmplifAI AI-Driven Performance Enablement Platform

Check out the official press release where the BPO announced its selection of AmplifAI's AI-driven performance enablement platform. This integration is one of this Global BPO's digital initiatives to increase efficiency and support excellent employee and customer experiences.

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