35% SCR Increase
Iterum Increases Sales Close Rate in 4 Months
Triples Coachings
Time Savings Directly Increases Coachings Sessions
Secures New Business
AI Software Wins Several New Clients for Iterum

Telecommunications Provider Outsources CX to Competing BPOs 

Iterum Connections is a global business processing organization (BPO) providing full-service customer experience service in the regions of Panama, Jamaica, and Colombia. Iterum’s leadership team brings more than 20 years of BPO experience to help their clients solve every challenge in their customer lifecycle and transform their customer experience.

Currently, Iterum is supporting a U.S.-based telecommunications provider through a subcontracting position. The telecom provider outsources most of the customer service tasks through various BPOs and maintains an internal scorecard ranking the BPOs against each other across multiple KPIs. 

“We entered as challengers,” said Juan Lopez, COO at Iterum Connections. “We were willing to work with our clients, and we were so confident in our success that we accepted a variable pay rate based on performance.”

Employees Encouraged with Variable Pay Rates Based on SCR

The telecom company expects all BPOs to deliver exceptional performance. Being particularly interested in the Sales Close Rate (SCR), the company set an SCR target for the BPOs to meet. 

Since Iterum was working on a variable pay rate, improving their agents’ SCR performance meant they could potentially charge the telecom client more for their services. For agents who drove an SCR above the client’s target, Iterum’s agents would receive a tiered bonus based on their SCR score. 

Right away, Iterum delivered excellent results in SCR and other metrics.

AI Software Leads to Faster Onboarding Process for New Supervisors

While Iterum showed impressive performance results, they needed to scale this success across all their agents. 

Iterum launched a pilot program of AmplifAI’s performance enablement software at their first location in Panamá. This platform seamlessly integrates all their agent data into a single dashboard. Then using AI, the software determines the Next Best Action for each agent and the best tactics to improve those skills.

The Panamá pilot program was a big success, so Iterum quickly decided to roll out AmplifAI to a second location in Colombia. AmplifAI’s platform helped the new and existing supervisors finish the onboarding process and reach peak performance even faster than those at the first location.

Once again, Iterum started a third group of employees on the platform. Using AmplifAI, the time to proficiency (TTP) for these supervisors and agents dropped dramatically. Plus, all the insight gathered in the platform has made Iterum’s supervisors even more efficient.  

Iterum found AmplifAI’s performance enablement software to be a key element of their success to help Iterum rise above their competition.

Software Saves Supervisor Time & Allows for More Agent Coaching

Within the AmplifAI platform, Iterum created a balanced scorecard from all the KPIs that were most important to their telecom client. Between metrics like operations, efficiency, and sales, the AmplifAI revealed areas of opportunity – a time-consuming process that supervisors used to perform manually. 

Iterum’s supervisors are expected to spend 70% of their day on coaching and prepping for coaching. With this prep time eliminated, the number of coachings skyrocketed as supervisors could now dedicate the full 70% to coaching their team.


Iterum Increases Sales Close Rate (SCR) by 35% in 4 Months

Analyzing data from various reports to define trends and to identify main areas to focus on took a lot of time from supervisors, especially from the newly onboarded ones, taking time away from coaching. 

In just four months, Iterum increased the number of agents hitting the SCR goal by 35%. They went from having about 40% of agents achieving their client’s SCR target to now more than 54% exceeding the goal. 

At one of their check-ins, the telecommunication company had big news: when it came to SCR, Iterum’s agents were leading against all the other BPOs.

AmplifAI Software Key in Securing New Business for Iterum

But Iterum’s success hasn’t just been with this one client. 

“We are thrilled to partner with AmplifAI,” shared Juan Lopez, COO of Iterum Connections. “Their solution goes beyond software and is a critical tool in our process and operations cadence.” 

Lopez shared, “AmplifAI has helped us close several deals. We now include the software in every Iterum RFP and as a part of our solutions catalog.”