70% Increase to Business
Process Improvement Grows Business Volume by 70%
Decreased TTP by 20%
Reduced Average Time to Proficiency (TTP) by 15+ Days
Adds New Business Lines
Adds New Lines of Business with Existing Client

SSG Brings Expertise and Top-of-the-Line Contact Center Technology

Customer support is essential. But for Support Services Group (SSG), customer care is their entire business. 

SSG — a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution provider — partners with companies to provide stellar, multi-channel customer support. With tailored plans custom to each client, SSG prides itself on delivering top-notch support and years of expertise to achieve its client’s specific goals. 

While SSG brings decades of contact center expertise to their clients, one of the tools the BPO has added to their toolbox is AmplifAI.

Maximizing Performance and Efficiency with AI Software

One of SSG’s clients — a consumer goods retailer — was looking for contact center support primarily for their retail service team. Like many clients, the consumer goods company split their outsourced contact center work between SSG and another BPO. 

In this client's case, SSG’s associates handled the phone, email, and online chat questions related to choosing the appropriate product, troubleshooting minor mechanical issues, and identifying the correct replacement parts. SSG assigned two call centers to the retailer — one in Ohio and another in Panama. 

But the retail client wanted more than just the support services. They challenged SSG to bring forward-thinking technology to improve customer experience.

SSG introduced its client to AmplifAI — it was love at first sight!

AmplifAI’s software utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to analyze the output and metrics of associates across several areas, including AHT (average handle time), NPS (net promoter score), and CSAT (customer satisfaction). AmplifAI provided supervisors with data-driven Next Best Actions (NBA) to improve each agent’s performance, and supervisors also received intelligently-gathered coaching directions to improve their own coaching efficiency.

BPO Outperforms Competitor and Lands New Lines of Business

Since implementing AmplifAI, the BPO has reduced the retailer’s time to proficiency (TTP) of new hires by over 20%. The retailer previously reported the TTP of new hires to be around 75 days. Now that’s been reduced to 60 days — sometimes as low as 45 days!

Beyond the impact on TTP, Support Services Group has driven some incredible results, including:

  • 6% increase in overall customer satisfaction from email conversations
  • 100% task completion rate for both phone and email (originally 78% and 76%, respectively)

The consumer goods retailer was impressed by the significant performance difference between SSG’s agents and those working for the BPO’s competitor’s agents. After a few months, the retailer decided to move all the competing BPO seats over to SSG. 

But the growth didn’t stop there. 

Due to this increased business, the retailer has decided to move additional lines of business over to SSG. In this case, these new lines of business meant offering customer support services in other geographic regions outside of the United States. 

Additionally, to support all the traffic from their client, SSG has now expanded its client’s coverage to an additional call center in Costa Rica. 

This additional headcount from the new lines of business, combined with the decrease in TTP, allowed Support Services Group to increase its business volume by 70%. 

Software Provider Brings Contact Center Expertise and Partnership

Expert coaching is a critical factor in Support Services Group’s success. The BPO knows their clients expect them to deliver contact center expertise that comes only from years of experience in the field and from using optimized software to deliver those results. 

SSG utilizes many excellent technology options, but software can only go so far. Regarding AmplifAI, SSG has found a partner, not just another tool. 

The teams at SSG and AmplifAI have weekly meetings to discuss the progress of associates and supervisors, set weekly goals, and create plans of action to achieve them. Almost every member of the AmplifAI team comes from a contact center background, so when they provide recommendations, SSG can be confident they’re coming from a place of experience. 

In addition to the weekly meetings, the AmplifAI team also hosts quarterly business reviews.  Beyond the plethora of data collected within the software, the software team tabulates various additional reports to show overall quarterly progress.

Veteran and New Supervisors Benefit from Improved Coaching

While their retail client is thrilled with the results, SSG has seen the impact of AmplifAI beyond just this one customer. 

Veteran task managers are better equipped to identify whom to coach and how to coach in a way that optimizes their team’s performance. With the ability to plan their day more efficiently, experienced supervisors have more meaningful conversations with their associates. 

When it comes to new supervisors, intelligently-generated action plans and recommendations are helping them learn how to do their job more efficiently from day one. While new task managers are often trained on timecard management, HR paperwork, and internal processes, there isn’t always training on how to coach their team. AmplifAI is helping fill that critical gap.

SSG has been pleased to see the significant impact of AmplifAI on this client — all in less than a year. 

The BPO prides itself on delivering top-notch customer experiences. AmplifAI is not only helping them deliver on their promises to their customers, but it’s helping SSG quickly prove its value. The team at Support Services Group cannot wait to roll AmplifAI out to many more clients.